Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daily schedules/Cleaning schedules

6:00 wake up, have coffee.
6:30 wake dear daughter, get her ready for school.
6:45 wake dear son.
7:00 meds.
7:30 bus.
I used to be a schedule freak. Everyone had a thing to do and a scheduled time to do it. I would spend HOURS on a schedule and sometimes days, even a week or so perfecting this schedule I was so gung ho about planning out. I would have it tucked away in a household management binder. I even managed to uphold the same schedule for months when my oldest son was just a baby. Then- I gave birth to twins. Not only did my house get turned upside down but my schedule had gotten puked on- not literally. I'd have something scheduled for a certain time then one baby would poop, the other pouke, the dog pee in the floor and my oldest miss the bus. The entire schedule went FLOP. And here I was stressing with a pen and paper attempting to make another. I was so stressed trying to uphold some silly schedule. Then I decided to get serious. I brought out the pencil. Yes. A pencil could erase, therefore, allow me to make room for glitches in the schedule and nip and tuck it to perfection. Never happened. I was just as stressed having the darn thing then I was without it. So I changed it to just a list. Just that. That's simple right? UM, no. Not with life and 4 kids and 2 dogs and school and I'd spend HOURS and yet again sometimes days on a frigging LIST. And I had this dirty habit....instead of scratching items off and LEAVING them off....i'd add more. Yup. I'd knock half my list off, spend a half an hour or so adding MORE things to do. So. I did the smartest thing EVER. I threw schedules out the window. Now, lunch is at 12ish, nap is at 1. Time outside is somewhere in there or after Papa gets home. Bus runs at 3:45-4. Homework is done while dinner is being started. Dinner is served whenever it is finished. And I do things in the house as they see fit. I now have a memorized perception. This is what I call it. How are things ran in your home? ~Jen.

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