Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday funny: "Super Barista!"

Steeps Tall Brewings In A Single Ground

Customer: “What comes in a Caramel Macchiato? Do you guys make a better one than [competitor #1]?”
Me: “Well, sir, we make it with [ingredients], while [competitor #1] makes it with [competitor #1's ingredients], an [competitor #3] makes it with [competitor #3's ingredients].”
Customer: *stunned* “Wow! How do you guys know that?!”
Me: “Well, I’ve worked at all of those other places before I got here, so I know a few of their tricks.”
Customer: “Man, you’re, like… Super Barista!”
(The man orders a caramel macchiato and pays happily. The next day, he catches me in the middle of taking out trash. Rather than removing my apron, I simply turn it backward to avoid getting it dirty, inadvertently making it appear as if I’m wearing a cape. Suddenly, the customer from the day before comes driving by.)
Customer: “SUPER BARISTA!”


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  2. Jen here. I am oh so very new at this. I will ask Sarah :) I appologize I wasn't able to answer.


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