Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Cailin!

Wasn't I just doing this last month? Wishing a happy birthday to Sebastian and Anastasia? Well, now it's Cailin's turn.
Three years ago today, at 8:13 in the morning, Cailin Noelle made her way into this world via c-section. Our DR, after they cut me open, had to wake her up! She slept through the spinal block, the cutting, the tugging.....
Well, she wasn't happy about being woke up....she came into this world screaming!
The past 3 years, I've learned so much about myself, about her, about my kids, about my family. Cailin is so different than Sebastian and Anastasia. Having one baby is so different than having two. But her personality is enough for 5 kids.
She's such an amazing little person and I'm blessed to get to be her mom.
So Happy Birthday to my Bugpie! Mommy loves you!
Cailin at only a few hours old
My big girl on her birthday

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