Monday, August 20, 2012

Mama Just Got Played

Not even two weeks into the school year and we have our first bout of the dreaded CRUD (the hillbilly way of saying we have sickness!

Yesterday, I had to take Sebastian and Anastasia to the urgent care in our area, because he was complaining about his ear hurting and she was coughing so bad it sounded like she was barking. I knew they needed to be seen and didn't want to risk them being okay and missing a day of school to go to the DR. So off we went to sit in the waiting room for a few hours. Sounds fun, huh?
We finally get back to see the doc and, after sitting there listening to the kids squirm on the paper on the table, she finally came in. 
The diagnosis?
Sebastian had an ear infection and Anastasia had a sore throat.
The treatment?
Amoxicillin......what I call the wonder drug.
She tells me that, if they are feeling better, they can go to school tomorrow (today). Just in case, though, she gave us a DR. note, excusing them from school today. We get home and they get their meds and lay around all day, barely eat dinner....the usual for sick kids, right?
Fast forward to this morning. I get up and ask them if they are feeling okay.
No, mommy, we feel bad.
So I tell them they can stay home and I do the tired Mommy shuffle back to bed and collapse. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because, of course, now Cailin has it and she wouldn't sleep unless she was in my room.
Thirty minutes later, I'm up and seeing my kids that just claimed to be too sick for school, up, running around and acting perfectly healthy. Matthew had already gone to work and taken our only vehicle, so they knew they were safe from having to go to school.
Oh yes....they played me....
What's a mom to do?!
Well, naturally, they are going to get to lay around, in their bedrooms, and be bored all day long, then I'm going to make them come out here and finish up their homework. No fun, no TV, no playing.
What are your sick day guidelines?


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