Sunday, August 26, 2012

My children are not always first.

So. Remember the days when everything is new in your marriage/relationship? You have sex every day if not several times. You couldn't bear the thought of your s/o seeing your hairy legs, cringe at facing them with morning breath and god forbid they ever find out you fart or poop :) You are always made up or at least freshly showered. Then it's like the smell of a new eventually wears off. And you, in comparison to a new car, now packed on the miles and are used. Yes. I just compared your relationship to a car. To make matters worse, you get pregnant and your partner gets to see you in your absolute worst. While they may not mind and some of you may be saying, "Well who cares they still love me." Other's are nodding right now saying damn. Your spouse gets to see you with morning sicnkess, poop with the door *gasp* open, and witness everything that comes with childbirth and recovery. Sure, they kiss you even though you have spitup in your hair and yesterdays ketchup fingerprints on your pants.
But you owe not only your partner, but yourself MORE than that. I'm not saying applying makeup will make you feel better, or even change your relationship. But actually having the attitude that you care about yourself will shine through to others. Take care of yourself, and your relationship as you care for your children. Your s/o will appreciate it and you will appreciate yourself. I have a weird confession. I love my children to no end. I would walk through the pits of hell and give my life, for them. BUT. Yes, there is a but. My children need happy and healthy parents. Therefore if something needs repaired, it takes priority. I'm not saying if my child is hungry and dirty i'd snuggle with my spouse and ignore them. I'm saying once dinner is finished, instead of immediately washing dishes and playing with the kids, snuggle up to your s/o on the couch and simply make conversation. Bond with them and connect with them. LOVE them. Be a bystander, only for a moment, in your childrens lives.
Each day could be your last. Live. Laugh and love. As often as you can.
 ♥ Jen♥


  1. LOVE this post!
    So true!

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  2. Thank you so much!!!!! We are honored :)~Jen.


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