Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My name is Jen.

Hi. My name is Jen.
"Hi Jen!"
I am going to be adding a section or two to The Mommy Chronicles. I am a 28 year old stay at home mom to 4 (Yeah, I know..) children ages 9,4 and 2 year old twins. (Yeah...I know!) Trinity is my 9 year old preteen drama queen. Kaden is the red fury. Maylon is our wailin' Maylon. Ava is the witch and our sweetie peatie. I have 2 dogs, a Boston terrier named Vixie and a pug/ yorkie mix named Buddy whom we've rescued from a meth lab. My husband is a Marine who makes me pretty darn happy :) We've been married for 4 years.  Sarah and I have been friends for about 2 yeas or so now. We met on a drama ridden site for "moms." I adore her and she is not only funny, smart, open minded and caring- but she's a great friend.

Now that I have the basics down. I want to share with you a blogger resume. Haha. Well at least to the best of my ability. I am so very new at this and am looking forward to growing with you all. Every week I deal with anaphylactic allergies, severe ezcema, allergy induced asthma, a sick pet, PTSD related anxiety/depression amongst other trials. I have left quite a path of experience in my days. My life can be pretty chaotic at times..and life is,at times,exhausting. But you have to look it in the eyes (with coffee in a mug of course!) and sieze the day. Spray  in some whip cream and drizzle a little caramel and face it with a sweet smile. Or Jack Nicholson Psycho. Tomato...tomatoe.


So....what did you think? And are you THAT Sarah Michelle?