Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not A Fan Of Oklahoma Sports? Tough!

I recently read an article about a little 5 year old boy in Oklahoma that made to turn his University of Michigan shirt inside out because, according to their dress code,"students are only allowed to wear Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or apparel from another Oklahoma state school".
A local news station in Oklahoma reported that the school dress code was created in 2005 to "rid schools of gangs and gang apparel".
I don't know of many Kindergarteners that are affiliated with gangs....but then....I live in a small town.
I live in Kentucky......around here, if you aren't a UK fan, you need to hit the bricks. PERSONALLY, I'm NOT a UK fan (for shame!). I'm not really a fan of ANY college team. However, my husband, who was born and raised in Michigan, is a DIE hard University of Michigan fan, so everyone in our house gets new Michigan gear every year. I'm not sure that my kids have ANY UK gear.
I guess I just don't see why this kid's shirt was an issue. Why force kids to wear sports gear that is only affiliated with the state in which you live. Transplants happen all the time and not everyone likes their state. It seems silly to me, to make this kid turn his shirt inside out because it's a different team from a different state....especially when there are so many BIGGER issues out there, like bullying, that schools often over look (don't believe me? Check out this blog by Sadie over at SlapDash's enough to make you sick!). 
Evidently, Oklahoma isn't the only state that requires students to only wear sports gear for their home state. A friend of a friend in Northern Kentucky said the same rules apply in the schools up there, only they start once you get into middle/high school grades. She stated that it was to cut down on fights.
PARENT YOUR KIDS AND TEACH THEM TO NOT FIGHT! I know, this is a silly concept and, as you read it, you are saying "Yea, okay..that's ludicrous right there!", but, I mean...seriously? If your kids are taking sports THAT seriously, I think bigger issues might need to be sought. Trust me, I know of what I speak. As I mentioned, my husband is a die hard Michigan fan.....they HATE Ohio State. And I just happen to be born in Ohio....see, it IS possible to over look small details.
So, in honor of that poor kid not being allowed to wear his shirt, I decided to send my kids to school in THEIR Michigan shirts. I'm sure it won't make an impact, but in my mind, I'm fighting the man! lol
Be forewarned.....Anastasia is looking particularly insane in this pic. And Cailin...well, let's just say, she's not a morning person (you can see her behind them, crying)
Sticking it to the man!

Take that, Oklahoma!


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