Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh Back To School....

On August 8, Sebastian and Anastasia started 3rd grade.
It kills me how quickly they are growing up.
I got them up for school and they got ready. I helped with hair and things like that, then gave them breakfast. Then we loaded up and headed to drop them off. They weren't nervous or anything...they certainly made Mama proud!
Look at them, all big boy and girl! Brings a tear to my eye!
They got their first homework packet this week and are almost done with it. And they tested their reading levels and Anastasia reads on a 5th grade reading level! I was amazed and super proud. They are worried about the level of difficulty for math, but I told them we'd figure out. And they were bummed because athletics don't start at their school until 4th grade. Actually, there's not much they CAN get involved with at 3rd grade.
I'm going to my first PTO meeting the PTO. That's a scary thought, but I'm excited!
Have your kids started school yet?



  1. So funny, we have such different viewpoints of back to school. Most likely because your kids are at such a great age. Mine are both in High School and riding my last nerve. Ahhh, to have them back in 3rd grade again...

  2. I admit, I am fearing the teenage years!! Haha! I thought newborn twin stage was hard..I am most certain teenage years will be much harder! I'd love to hear more about your teenagers. Maybe i t will ease some fears. ~Jen.


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