Monday, August 6, 2012

Rainstorms and Hair Cuts

For the month of August, JC Penney's is doing free haircuts for kids.
I have two that are in school and needed haircuts, so I figured I'd save myself $24 and take them to JCP and take advantage of this. So on Wednesday, I called and dutifully scheduled my appointment for Sunday.
We get up yesterday, do the breakfast thing, my husband gets the lawn mowed and takes a shower. We decided to head out and kill some time, hit up Goodwill, that kind of thing. 
Naturally, as soon as we load up, the sky's opened and here came the downpour. 
Holy RAIN Batman.
Now, in most vehicles, it's like "Psh....rain...I got this". MINE....oh no, my friend. You drive like an 80 year old that can barely see over the wheel. If you hit a puddle in my vehicle, you may just end up having to pay out about $60 for a tow and to have your drive belt put back on.
Okay, well maybe this isn't totally true.....last summer, I'd say we spent probably about $300 on tows and having that stupid belt put back on, but it turned out that our pulley thing was bad, so we got that far, so good.
Anyways, we get to Goodwill, find some awesome deals (got the boy 2 pairs of shorts, got the oldest girl 2 shirts, and got the youngest girl a Dora memory game), and load up to head to JCP. I should probably tell you now, JCP is in the next town over. This storm we are in...yea.. I think it's covering the whole state! I start to take the scenic route and quickly realize that it's just slightly flooded. So I turn around and head to the interstate.
Guess who's anxiety just shot up!
I don't think I got over 60 on the interstate. Visibility was next to nothing. It sucked hardcore! 
We finally make it to's about 2:15. The appointment is at 3....yay! Thankfully, JCP predicted this and set up a table with crayons and coloring books, so the kids were entertained.
They finally get to us and Sebastian and Anastasia are just brimming with excitement. We take them back and we are the only ones, so I get to be social with the stylists. Cailin is running back and forth to me and Matthew, wowing everyone with her cutenesss. It was a fun time.
Here's before *don't mind Sebastian's face.....*

And here's after *Again, don't mind Sebastian's*
He wanted a mohawk. I said we settled for a fauxhawk. Her hair looks so different, but it looks soooooo good too!
Will you take advantage of the free haircuts at JCP? I suggest calling the salon and not the toll-free number to make your appointment.

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  1. My daughter would love the Monster High shirt!
    She wants to be a Monster High Doll for Halloween!
    (LouLou from LouLou's blog)
    Thanks for following!


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