Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sleeptastic ficticious and the unmotivated mommy monster.

Have I told you how much of a wonderful, euphoric inducing, loving and understanding  of a husband I have? As much as it irrates me that I can't gripe about him to friends without hearing, " Oh shut up Jen! You have noo right to complain! You have an amazing husband." And that I do. Did you all know my husband was a finalist in the "Twiniversity Super Dad contest." He is finalist B :) So, yeah- he's amazing. But here's yet, another example, of why I am not allowed to gripe and moan about him. (I am so going to kick myself in the face for this later.)
I suffer from anxiety. I have it pretty darn bad. The hypochondriac in me would also swear I have OCD as well. When i'm overwhelmed with a mess, and I cannot do it to my perfection (which isn't literally perfection.) I freeze up and nothing gets done. If it gets severe enough (at times it does) I don't even play with the kids, something I do everyday, for sometimes, all day affairs. Yesterday, was one of my bad days. I went anti social for the entire day, avoided phone calls, texts and any type of social contact. By the time Dale got home, I was curled up on the bed surrounded by a messy house and an empty stove. We'd spent the entire weekend (minus Calibug's birthday which was AWESOME! Happy birthday again baby girl!!) switching up rooms. So the girls are in one room and boys in a different. Our sick dog had peed in the floor 4 times, Maylon had spit chocolate milk all over carpets and himself. One room was finished- but trashed again. The other room a wreck equal with the rest of the house.
Super daddy/hubby made tacos (chopped fresh veggies and all.) Used the carpet cleaner to clean BOTH rooms, brushed all the kids teeth and put them all to bed, diaper changes and all....while I slept. I woke myself up to a spot of drool on my pillow, the kids tucked in bed and him cleaning the boys' carpet. I woke up, and immediately began helping. He'd motivated me to get my act together. So, I did just that. I got the kitchen cleaned, laundry finished, coffee prepped for the next day and this: I'd broken a nail. A gel nail. OWWWW.
Sooooo.....enough of that. That's too painful for me to look at.
As much as I tease myself for being a hypochondriac, I have actually been through some crud in my life. If I made a list of anything and everything i've been diagnosed with i'd be able to train a handful of medical professionals based on the health issues i've had alone. Add in what my children have gone through and I could probably put them through med school. I joke, I joke. I kid I kid. However, insomnia is most certainly on my long list of diagnoses. Well, fortunately-unfortunately I have been prescribed sleep in a bottle. This miracle drug that sends me enroute to Never-never land. But just as I am sick, I am also hard headed and stubborn. Which is why i'm running on fumes. AND by fumes, i'm talking 2 hours. All because I'd forgotten to take my miracle pill when I was all ghyped up and wanting to stay up all night.  My sleep register is on E and sleep is not in my near future. Well,at least until bedtime. So, there it is folks, haha! Take your meds and love your honey!!!
♥ Jen♥


  1. Wow, I have to admit I can relate to just shutting down, sometimes you just have to. What I love about your story is how your husband motivated you. He didn't talk or complain or nag or criticize, he just DID, and by selflessly "doing", he motivated you to do too.

  2. Thanks Karen! I honestly don't know what i'd do if him and I were to ever divorce. I am so spoiled right now. And my mother in law and I once got into an argument about it. She was like you're spoiled Jen. I was like am not! This continued to see-saw until I finally mumbled an agreement...then years later. It occured to me. Yes, yes I am. He takes excellent care of me. Yet, he never buys me anything for Valentines day or expensive Christmas gifts..he still spoils me :)
    ♥ Jen ♥


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