Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Crud

Oh, how I wish we COULD hire a sub! 
If you recall, I recently mention The Crud in a previous post called Mama Just Got Played. That's what we call illness around here when we really don't know WHAT it is, but it makes you feel like poop.
Well, it has made it way to me. Oh joy of joys!
It started yesterday. Sore throat, coughing, fever. Yup, I had it all. Plus a 3 year old at home with me. Yippy skippy, right? My mom keeps telling me " need to rest". Well, I would, if I didn't have Cailin here. Trust and believe, I'd be piled up on the couch with my pillow and blanket, watching Teen Mom that I DVR'd last night.
But instead, I'm sitting here, typing this blog, trying to figure out what I want to eat for breakfast, sipping honey and lemon hot tea and listening to Dora the Explorer while Cailin lays on the couch. Lucky dog.
Laundry needs to be folded and put away. Bathrooms need cleaned, the kitchen needs cleaned, diapers need changed, dinner needs get my drift.
Stay at home moms don't get sick days, though I often wish we could. My husband is usually off on Wednesdays, but he had to go in today, otherwise I'd probably get a day off. Last night, he decided that I had to go to bed after dinner. So, I went and watched Storage Wars and Shipping Wars, and nodded off a few times. But I feel so......blech.....still. My throat is KILLING me and this tea isn't working at all.
I really want some hot chocolate, homemade chicken noodle soup or some chicken and dumplings, and what Jennifer and I have dubbed G Crack Brownies (Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies with caramel drizzled in to bake and then on the outside). Instead I get hot tea with honey and lemon, ramen for lunch and meatloaf for dinner.....and sadly, no G Crack Brownies.
Oh I wish you'd go away and never come back! Consider us broken up and this your eviction notice. Now kindly vacate my body and don't look back!
What helps you get through being sick?


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