Thursday, August 23, 2012

Undignified ways to cry....

Having twins is hard work. However, there is ONE tip for survival. ONE. Without this- you will NEVER get out alive. Humor. Moms of twins everywhere can attest. You have to have humor. Cause who needs sleep when you got twins? Haha. In my zombie state of consciousness I was listening to Bob and Tom. I don't remember what but I do remember it was titled, "Undignified ways to die." In my sleepless state I created my own spin off titled, "Undignified ways to cry." It was a list of every little thing that pissed my newborn twins off. Which happened to be a lot of things. So, here they are.

                                         "Undignified ways to cry."

                       *  Sitting in the bouncy with the light in my face.
                       * Getting peed on by my brother while I'm swaddled in bed.
                       * My collar brushing my face.
                       * Sitting in my car seat, driving down the road, diaper full of poop.
                       * Giving me iron drops that soil my food.
                       * a paci when it's time to eat.
                       * Making me burp when I still want to be fed.
                       * getting the boob with no milk coming out.
                       * making me wait.
                       * putting me down to sleep when I don't want to.
                       * Swiping my pee pee with a cold wipe.
                       *changing my diaper, or getting a bath.
                       *spit up rolling down my chin.

Anything that used to make your newborns mad? I know there are more...but I never finished the list....and this is sorta sentimental to me because I literally had written this when they were only weeks old. Hope you enjoyed. And don't make fun of me too bad! HAHA! ~Jen.

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