Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cookie. Coffee. Rubber chicken :/

So. It's morning. Yup. The sun is out. I wanna be in bed. I learned a new word. Bajango. I only know....because i'm doing this. Still. I have not the energy to correct my bajango. And, yes, I slept like that. I hit the sheets and passed out. I'm so tired and my brain wasn't even functioning it is in autopiolet. I can't even spell. Well, what's new pussy cat? Woa woa woaaaahhhh. Yeah. So here's what's on my mind. Fish. Sublime. Marijuana. Coffee. Why was mariajuanna on my head? Beer. Beer. That's better. Amberbock :) MMmmm.
OK. So for really reals, here's an update. Ava is still in her Scarlet Fever induced funk. I have red blistes on my tongue and I can't function for $hiyat. Maylon, Ava's twin, now has WHITE spots on his tongue. a house of red spots he gets the white ones? LOL. OK since I have nothing good in my least not thigns I could type....(nothing like that you perverted people!!! HAHA.) I'm going to leave you with a picture of this fish.
And a video of "Bad fish."
Peace out peoples!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO Jen.

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