Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do The Shuffle

You're welcome for that....you know you've got that song stuck in your head now.
I've not posted a blog full of random thoughts in awhile, so today seems rather fitting, because I'm full of randomness.
~My husband's hours have changed at work. Before, his schedule allowed him to take the kids to school on his way in. Now, he goes in later and that job has fallen on me. The school is literally a mile up the road (like, literally...I checked). You'd think it would make for a rather uneventful morning.
You would be wrong.
It would seem that in that 1 mile, every single idiot driver has gotten on the road. 
Now, I'm not a morning person. Far from it. This is especially true when I've not had my coffee yet. Pair that with an almost frightening case of road rage and...well......let's just say one day, I'll make national news. The headline will read:
London Mom Snaps and T-Bones Several Cars All While Scream "LEARN TO DRIVE" or "PULL OUT IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN!".
It's going to happen....you mark my words!
So, I'm considering just putting them on the bus in the morning. Not only will that save some gas and lives (totally kidding. lol), but it will save some money because they can eat breakfast at school.
The downside? 
Rather than get up at 7:30, I'd have to get up at 6:30.
What's a mom to do?
~When I moved to Kentucky from Florida, Sebastian and Anastasia were 3 years old. I don't have a deep country accent. Neither does my husband. Yet, somehow, my now 8 year old daughter has developed quite the Southern drawl. She sounds like a redneck Southern Belle.
And it's annoying me.
I'm FAIRLY certain she's doing it on purpose, because it's not an every day or every sentence thing, but still. She knows to say "time" rather than "tahme". She knows to say "hair" rather than "hayre". But there she is, sounding all country and whatnot.
I don't understand it and I'm trying to not let it grate on my nerves too much.
~Last night, I watched my friends' kid so they could go out for their anniversary.
He's 4.
And hes SUPER quiet. Like...ninja quiet. He'd come up to me and scare the crap out of me, then he'd say something and I'd feel like an old person who's battery was dead in her hearing aide...I could hear a thing the kid said. 
I think that's enough randomness, so I'll quit before I turn this into a novel.



  1. Nice to see to awesome posts in one morning!!!! We rock! Oh yeah!! ♥ Jen.

  2. two not to omfg!!!!!!!!!

  3. We moved to WV from New Jersey 6 years ago and while none of us have picked up the WV accent, my 15 year old has definitely picked up y'all. Y'all are going to the football game, right? Y'all are going to be home after school right?

    So annoying.



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