Monday, September 3, 2012

Laine Blogger Award

The Mommy Chronicles has been nominated for another award! Thank you so much to Josie over at Across The Pond for this honor. It would seem that this is an award geared toward beauty, so much like Josie, I'm wondering about it's merit, as we don't blog about beauty here....well, not that much anyway. Jennifer and I are both stay at home mom's, so if we get out of our pajamas then we call that a success. lol. 
In my case, my beauty routine consists of getting a shower when I get a moment and scrubbing my face with my puff and cleaner, then adding a toner and moisturizer. I brush my hair....mostly back into a messy bun. When I DO wear makeup, I tend to just put eyeshadow and eyeliner on. I have a straightener for my hair, but I DON'T have the patience to do it. And I don't even own a blow dryer.
This is frustrating because I have an 8 year old that is becoming increasingly girly and wants tips and tricks.....something I'm fresh out of. I'm pretty sure that the style gene passed me up completely.
But alas, I accept this award with a smile on my face and much appreciation.
The rules of this are simple....
1. Answer 5 questions (the ones I answered)
2. Pass this on to 5 other bloggers.
So, to quench your thirst for my beauty secrets.....let's answer some questions!

1.What is your current beauty obsession?
I really don't have one. I guess you could say my DollarTree cocoa butter lotion is my fave, but I'm not sure if that counts.

2. What is the one beauty item you wished you owned?
It's not an item, it's a person. If I could employ one person, I'd have my own stylist....someone to do my hair and makeup for me and pick out my clothes. Maybe then, I'd look good! lol

3. What is your favourite topic to read or write about?
I'd have to say my kids and really, just life. We both try to be as real as possible and just let you all into our daily lives. What you see with us is what you get!

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
Honestly, I started blogging because I saw people were making money doing it and I thought "Psh...that's easy! I could do that".....I was wrong. I've not made MUCH money on this blog, but I've gotten to the point where I just stopped caring and started enjoying it.

5. What nail polish are you wearing now?
Actually, it's barely even there anymore, but this is what they looked like. I did them myself, if you couldn't tell. One day, I might get Cailin potty trained and I can get a REALLY manicure!

Well, now that we got that out of the way, let's nominate some blogs!

1. Royal Grace Knits
2. Confessions Of A Truu Mom
3. LouLou's Blog
4. Baking in a Tornado
5. Martinis and Minivans
Congrats to you all!


  1. Thank you so much, Sarah and Jennifer for awarding me the Laine Blogger Award. I'm honored to be awarded by 2 women whose blog I regularly enjoy. I've added the award to my awards post:

  2. Ahh, Yay! A nomination! And I'm not a beauty person either. Well, maybe some of the scrub I make off Pinterest is considered beuaty? Anyhooligans, thanks ladies!

  3. Thanks!!!

    Pretty neat award, I'm honored :)


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