Friday, September 14, 2012

Mama's Taking Back Her House!

First of all, sorry I've not been blogging lately. Jen has really picked up the slack for me. I've been in a bit of a mood and not really all that into doing anything. We all get the blues, right?
I'm not big on housework.
To be perfectly honest with you, I hate it. But alas, it's an evil that must be done. So rather begrudgingly, I do it.
The other day, I'd just gotten through cleaning up my kitchen. Usually, when I clean up the kitchen, I sanitize the counters. I pull all the appliances out, spray it down with cleaner and..well, you get the drift. 
I'd JUST gotten done doing that when Sebastian and Anastasia decided to make them a cup of juice. Being them, they had to PLAY while doing it and spilled the juice all over my freshly cleaned counters.
Mama was mad. I told them to get a cup of water and go to their rooms.
And I decided right then that I was done playing games.
You see, I'm usually the laid back one...I don't like to discipline, because...well, to be perfectly honest, I forget what punishment I hand down. So I typically just send them to their rooms. 5 minutes later, though, they are right back out  or playing with each other. It gets frustrating.
I've decided I'm making changes in the way I run my house. They NEED to be made, because the kids are starting to think they don't have to listen to Matthew and I. 
And that just won't fly with me.
SO, today, I'm taking some construction paper and I'm right them each a list of responsibilities and giving them a schedule. And we are going to start giving them an allowance, but there's a catch to how we are doing it. They will get 500 points on Monday. If they don't complete their chores for the day or they misbehave, they will lose points. However many points they have on Friday will determine how much of an allowance they get. If they do good all week and don't lose points, they'll get $5. If they misbehave and don't do what they are suppose to and end the week with, say, 250 points, then they will get $2.50.
I'm also going to make a behavior chart. They'll start the day off with a certain color. They'll have to move either a stick or something if they are bad. I'm still working the details of that one out.
In addition to this, I'm putting MYSELF on a schedule, because I love going to bed knowing my house is clean. I plan to spend more time cleaning and less time playing online.
Big changes are coming and, honestly, I'm super excited!
How does Mama run her house in your neck of the woods?


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  1. Jen here. Just wanted to comment because that is super awesome!I had planned on doing my organizational blog thing but I will honestly not be posting for a while unless I can get the time OR energy as tire as i'm gonna be being how were were sick and now with Dale (hubs) in hospital. So..we'll see how this mama runs it! LOL. But I think that's a great idea and i'm probably gonna snag it...minor exception I bought these damn reward charts and stickers and i'm gonna use em somehow!!! LOL. Later chicky!


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