Monday, September 10, 2012

♥ Pay it forward ♥

So. I have to start by saying that although we both have our moments, Sarah is not only one of the coolest women I've ever met, she's an awesome mom and person. I am so very proud to call her my best friend. I push so many people away, some stay there, some throw a fit and let the gap increase. But Sarah, Sarah just says, I fell ya and I understand dude. Well maybe not the dude. OK maybe haha!  Now before you all start nodding, clicking off the page while calling me a brown noser. I don't have to say that. Sarah doesn't control what I write, so this all came from my heart. But. Just to give you an idea of just how awesome her and her family are I want to share something that happened this weekend. While browsing facebook I just so happen to see this, on Sarah's facebook. I quote:
"Matthew just posted this status...

Sarah and I had just finished grocery shopping at Wal Mart, when we were leaving we passed by a young man at the stop sign. He was holding a sign asking for help. I of course in my typical fashion made a few smart ass comments and we drove on. We got just past the stop sign when it hit me that anyone could find themselves in that situation. So I had Sarah pull over and I put the guy a bag of food together. It wasn't much, just a few things but when I gave it to him his face lit up. He thanked me and told me God bless. Like I said it wasn't much that we did but I really hope it helped this young man.."
Seeing this just reminds me that yes there are great people out there. There are horrid people who are only out for themselves as well. But...we sometimes forget about those that are just there and could easily go either way at any moment....when we do good and those people see that they tend to pay it forward and do something sweet in return. When we crap on those people and people in general it goes viral and causes those people to crap on more people. Then we're all covered guessed it. Thank you Sarah, for being one of those people who don't crap on others. :) See....I have a sweet and mushy side. I just do it in my own little way. And I don't do it often. But this time, it was most certainly due. So, seriously, make this week your goal to do at least ONE good thing for someone you don't know. Post and let me know what you did, or I'm gonna think you didn't do a thing :) Peace! I'm out! ♥ Jen ♥

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