Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

I remember it like it was yesterday. 
I was 18 and living in Corinth, KY, married to my first husband. We'd just woken up not long after the first plane hit and we just sat there in silence, wondering what was going on. My ex-husband looked at me and said that it wasn't over yet, there's no way. I said that it was an accident.
Then the second plane hit and I knew....no, this was intentional.
I remember grabbing his hand and just crying..out of shock..out of fear. I kept hearing the word "terrorist" and I was so unsure what that really meant. I went from one small town in KY to another and we just don't use words like that here.
We sat there in a stunned silence and just watched as everything unfolded...the towers came down, the pentagon was hit, the other plane crashed....it just seemed unreal, like we were watching a very scary movie. I remember the bombing in Oklahoma, but it wasn't the same....I knew that we'd lost so many lives on 9/11....I was fearful that some of my friends who'd been in JROTC with me were heading into a war that I knew was coming. I wondered what kind of world we were going to be living in now.
I had a job interview that day to be a nanny for a family the next town over. I called them and asked if they wanted to reschedule and they said no, so we left a little early to go to the mall.....only to find it closed. After the interview (which I didn't nail) we went home and watched more news...local this time, and grew more fearful by the second and they speculated what would be a target in Kentucky. 
Sadly, because of that day, so many in the Muslim community were treated horribly....
9/11/2001 will be a day that I will never, ever forget. So many lives were lost, but we stood up, together, as a nation, against the terrorists.
Do you remember where you were on 9/11/2001?

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