Friday, September 7, 2012

Tear jerker.

I had big plans for my tear jerker post. I spent hours and hours on making a video with pictures of my lil guy and sweet music. The program I was using decided to crash on me. Twice. So. Instead of pictures, I'm posting this video and I'm going to just simply tell his story. By telling his story, I also want to raise awareness of this horrible disease that has affected our family so harshly. This post is dedicated to my sweet doggie and for those sweet furbabies who have lost their battle with this murderous disease. So hit play and grab some tissues.

A friend of mine (Who just so happens to be a pet foster parent) posted a picture of this dog who is a Pug/Yorkie mix and said he needed a good home. After losing a Pug our self, I immediately fell in love with this ugly little dog haha! I have some weird soft spot for ugly dogs :) He was rescued from a meth lab. He was abused, neglected and sick. After some time with other people he was ready for a home. A stable home. I was a bit concerned, because he clung to me like a shadow and avoided all contact with anyone else...even the kids. He was skittish and didn't even know how to eat out of a dog food bowl. He didn't know how to play. He didn't know what it was like to even be loved. He was defiantely in the right home now. I just had to find a way to thaw his cold heart. We didn't want to name him, for fear we wouldn't be able to keep him. He started warming up. And soon he became a part of our family.
Whenever I'd call for him I'd say come ere buddy! As in friend,pal...not for a name. Then one day I called him Buddy and his little head cocked to the side and I knew we'd named him unintentionally. And it suited him perfectly. We had a Buddy :) Within a couple weeks he was eating out of his own dog food bowl, was chewing on doggie bones, ran to the pantry whenever someone said "treat" and could play. He loved to chase balls and dig holes under the fence to roam. He was my sweet Buddy. Shortly afterwards he stopped playing. He lazed around. He hid under our bed. When I pulled him out I noticed his eye was red and puffy. We took him to the vet who said he'd had a scratch and it should heal fine with antibiotic drops. It didn't and continued to get worse. The vet then advised it was best the eye be removed. So we had the surgery to remove his eye and to get him neutered. (we had been waiting for him to adjust before we had that done.) He came home afterwards missing his eye and his man-factory parts. Once he healed he was his normal self, playing and all.
Shortly after this, he started sneezing and coughing. His nose would run. We all assumed it was allergies, so he was getting meds for that.  Then we noticed he wasn't eating as much. And he was rapidly losing weight. And, yet again, stopped playing. I was hurt and scared.  He went from 20lbs down to 16lbs. We took him in and discovered he'd had tapeworm and a bad upper respiratory infection. SO we were given meds for that (as well as our other furbaby) and steroid shot. Things went rapidly downhill from there.
We assumed it was from the medicine used to treat the tapeworm. So we waited it out some more. He went from 16lbs down to 14, then 12 then down to 11lbs. He was incredibly weak, he stopped eating entirely. He stopped walking. His back legs wouldn't allow him to stand. His only eye became red and glazed. He started running into things. Every lymph node on his small body was swollen and knotted. And he started to whimper.  I was devastated. We (I'm crying again now ugh) took him back to the Dr where he was admitted for pain, blood work, chest xrays and treatment for Blastomycosis. A, lethal, rare fungal infection. Along with an enlarged heart. We were informed the treatment would either kill him or make him better. I was so in love with this little guy. Everyone around us suggested we put him to sleep. Except his vet.
We began treatment. He showed no signs of improvement. I called the office to get information about euthanasia. I cried the entire time on the phone. I couldn't do it. I know he was suffering. But something pulled at my heart strings to just give it time. I needed time. HE needed time. Lord knows, if my Dr would have given up on me-would my family put me to sleep as well? Days went by. I force fed him, forced water into his mouth with a syringe. Carried him outside. Flipped him from side to side. I tried to make his life as normal as possible, by force of course. If he was going to die, it wouldn't be because I hadn't done everything in my power. He FINALLY gradually began to get better. He started to stand when he drank water. He began to walk, and take treats on his own. He then would eat a little on his own, then eat human food high in protein (yes I cooked for him.) on his own.
He is now eating entirely on his own. He's been playing with me. Giving me "kisses" (aka doggie licks). He is gaining back his weight slowly. However....a couple days ago, the blastomycosis took his vision entirely. I was devastated, once again. I considered putting him down. Everyone is suggesting we do so. Except his vet. His vet admitted he'd seen dogs that weren't even close to being as sick as him, die from this disease. And to see him doing better means- he would probably survive :) Only, he will be blind. So for those of you wanting to know how this ended.....he's currently laying at my feet, snoring away. I'm not about to take a life unless his happiness his sucked away from his blindness. And, so far, he's happy. I'm happy. And that's that. He will be on lasik for the rest of his life. As well as pain management so he isn't miserable.
This is his story. Please, please listen to your heart. Listen to your pet. The answer may not always be what you want to hear, but mine- is exactly what I want to hear. I get to keep my friend for a little while longer :)

Blastomycosis support.
♥ Jen♥


  1. It's amazing all that dog went through to end up in just the right house.

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  3. Are the words running off in the post or the links? I'll try to fix it just let me know what you're seeing! Thanks! ♥ Jen.


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