Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Bus Stop Safety Dance

Okay, there's really not going to be any dancing, but I thought the title was catchy.
If you recall, in my post yesterday called Do The Shuffle, I was debating on whether or not I should let my kids ride the bus to school in the morning or continue to drive them (you'll have to read the blog to find out my reasoning). Well, I called the bus garage and found out that I wouldn't be giving up as much sleep, so we opted for the bus.
I get my kids up, get them dressed, and we make our way down to the stop. Now, I should interject here and explain the location and whatnot. I live off the main street in our town. It's an extremely busy street with 4 lanes of traffic, plus a turning lane. The bus stop is at the corner of my street and the main street. Thankfully, my kids don't have to cross the road, but's really busy. The stop is in front of a business with rude employees (that's another post for another
Anyways, I get my kids up, they get dressed, and we get down to the stop. The guy at the bus garage told me the bus runs at 7:20. Knowing what I know about buses, we got down there at 7:10. Good call on my part, because it ran about 7:15.
While the kids are getting on the bus, I saw 3 cars just go zooming past it in the left hand lane, completely ignoring the school bus stop sign. The bus driver honked his horn and appeared to get at least one plate number.
As a mother, this made me angry and a little curious, so I came home and took to the internet to find out some information to hand along to you guys.
According to, in 2001, an estimated 4,500 children were injured in a bus-related accident. In 2002, 26 children age 14 and under were killed. That's a ridiculous amount of children to me. And I know they were all related to traffic own kids have gotten hurt on the bus, because...well, they're my kids and got my clumsy gene.
According to School Bus Information Clearinghouse, last year, 5 children were killed in 5 different states. Between 1900 and 2000, an average of 6 kids die each year in a school bus accident, which typically involves an unavoidable, severe circumstance. However, also last year, 26 children were killed getting on or off the bus OR while waiting for it. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!
People know that school is in session. They make a big to-do about it every year and remind drivers to drive safely. These are our children, after all. But in today's fast paced mindset, stopping simply isn't going to happen, because it's a gimme world out there and people are more concerned with their own lives and not paying attention to the lives of others.
These children are our future and as adults and parents, we need to ensure that our future is a bright one, full of hope and people who want to make a difference in this world. Teaching that starts at home, but is carried over in school, so let's make sure our kids arrive safe.
Because it's not just THEIR future and lives at stake. It ALL of ours.


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  1. “These children are our future and as adults and parents, we need to ensure that our future is a bright one…” – I most certainly agree! And we can ensure this by protecting our kids in any way possible. Accidents cannot be predicted, and it is a given fact that you cannot watch your kids all the time, especially in their schooling years. It would be best to teach them to practice safety measures while they are outside the confines of your home. On the other hand, authorities should impose stricter rules in handling vehicles and following traffic rules, like slowing down when one sees the school bus stop sign.


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