Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Hormone Caper

Hot Flashes

This has been me for a few days now. Writing in red because, well, my insides are pretty warm right now. Dang hot flashes. As I'm sitting here typing I'm thinking, REALLY?!? Omg these hot flashes are way worse than the mood swings!! And they totally are but that doesn't mean the mood swings aren't bad. And your personality really changes. I really feel like I can relate to a man.  I've sat and listened to Sevendust over and over all morning. You wanna know why? Because they rock and they are one of my favorite bands. So I guess I can't blame hormones on that one too much but it makes my case look better! HAHA! I have now turned into a guy with boobs. I mean give me a beer, turn on some football and hand me a Maxim, cause I'm ready to scratch the balls I don't have!! This is CRAZY! I KNOW the women who are going through this are nodding like, "PREACH IT SISTA!"  Nature is cruel! So. My weekend was crazy to say the absolute least. My hormones didn't make things any easier...I shall explain.
I had a series of surgeries that resulting in the last surgery removing my ovaries. So, yeah, Jen is missing those. Really bad right now. So whenever the guy side kicks in, all I want to do is, basically, be a man. I wanna ride around with friends, guys preferably, and just point out "chicks" we think are hot, turn the music loud, and just drive. I am very flirtatious and boobs and vagina become the center of all my jokes. I don't want sex. I will not make out with you. I just wanna be one of the guys. Then chillax and toss back some booze. My husband is lucky to get sex at this time. In reality, there is this side of Jen. But, lack of estrogen makes it much worse. I have heard,however, that a lot of women go psycho and are complete biznitches. I just turn into a man. A complete man. Minus the boobs and vag. So. Yeah hormones SUCK. I am most certainly happy with my abnormal self ON the estrogen :) The pharmacy is open and my RX is ready for pick up. And afterwards, I shall be back to that abnormal self you all are starting to love.
♥ Jen ♥


  1. Sevendust needs no reason to be listened to! Rock those hot flashes!


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