Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Scarlet Rash.

It's 12:18 AM.  I'm awake. My husband is awake. And one of our two year olds is also awake. Calming music is playing on youtube. I'm listening to the sounds of waves and gentle music. But it's not helping. The smell of sickness burns at my nostrils like a rancid bottle left in a hot car. Ugh. Day two is ending in over time and day 3 beginning as parenting a sick child continues. There are no bonuses or raise in pay. But an occasional smile and snuggle as our sick child lays in bed wriggling, hurting and feeling bad. A call to the pediatrician results in my husband driving to Walmart for Motrin and me giving a child a soak in the tub....for now my Tylenol/Motrin drug induced child is laying on a Spiderman pull out couch thing a ma bob at the foot of our bed. We know she'll end up between us. Now that the sheets that were targets of Maylon vomit bombs are clean and now on our bed- we'll probably scoop her up and snuggle until the craziness of a school day morning encases us and we being the day.
But. I promise. Tomorrow morning will be slow paced and easy. We will sip juice and coffee together while watching cartoons in my bed. There is a lot of work to be done. I'm betting not one, single, parent out there can act as if they do not know the aftermath a family sickness can bring. The piles of sheets and blankets. Abandoned chores that answered a call of duty. The smell of sickness and the fatigue that follows. Some of that can wait. Some of it can't. But I know I'm in for some serious disinfecting. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that, so far, no one else is vomiting. I will scrub all day long with that simple,yet complex, thought in my head. No one else is vomiting. And that brings a short smile to my face.

On a serious note. Not that, that wasn't serious. But. My family have been hit with a nasty stomach bug. And, now, my youngest (by one minute) has Scarlet Fever :/  Even tough she has this, I'm thankful that the blisters are only in small spots. Something her pediatrician said wasn't common. And that the rest of the rash, is just red speckles. We caught this because people do not realize what it means to STAY HOME when you are SICK. I'm serious. STAY HOME. I don't want your germies. Or, a good friend of mine says, your cooties :) My husband has missed 2 days of work (thankfully he's salary. But leave time is more valuable to us than money itself.) And my family have been absolutely MISERABLE. So, with that being said. I will have no outside physical social contact for a couple weeks. (my own personal rule) My blog posts from now until then should be quite interesting. Well...hubs is out of the shower. another round in the washer is finished. And my eyes are beyond heavy. Good night, or shall I say, Good Morning, to those of you reading this.


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