Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips Product Review.

Upon first inspection it looks like a mini bag of cereal. I say this because it is in resealable bag :)  It is packaged very nicely. It is 100% organic, no added sugar, preservatives and is gluten free. It states on the package that each bag contains 30 Washington State apples in every bag :) Honestly, I love dried fruit. Like LOVE LOVE. I used to keep a zip lock baggie full of either dried fruit and nuts or sun flower seeds when I was in nursing school. My friends used to tease me because you could sometimes tell where I was from a path of sun flower seed shells. I'm not the healthiest food eater in the world, but I'd say my family is a bit above average. Which doesn't really say much living in the United States. OK. So let's move on to my other observations and opinions.

Let's look at it. They honestly look pretty gross. I get a bit uneasy while munching on an apple and some of it turns a bit browinsh while I'm eating it..I eat it anyway because, well, it's good. So the appearance of these chips sorta grossed me out. But- you can tell by looking at them that literally the only thing in these chips have got to be apples and cinnamon. They literally look like sliced and dried apples. Which, duh, they are! So the looks of them aren't that great. The packaging is pretty though.
Taste. Let's look at the taste. Honestly-I love apples. But I'm not too peachy keen on dried apples for more than one reason. One- I've one too many times bit into a core part of the dried apple and it was disgusting, Two- every dried apple I'd ever tasted was too dry. Now I love my banana chips dried and crispy. Not my apples. BUT these chips are amazing!!!!! They are sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, solid enough to hold back food cravings, and did I mention the taste was incredible?!? My kids LOVE them. I love them. Hubby hasn't tried them. I can barely get him to eat his broccoli let alone a dried apple. The best part? They're not TOO dry and not too crunchy. Perfect. Would I buy these? Yes.
The sucky thing is- one 14oz bag is almost $10 :( $9.44  to be exact. I'm not sure how expensive that is because I have never seen anything else to compare this too (as in another brand) But they were really really good. I'm sitting here munching on them now! :) If they ever needed a spokesperson I'd do it in a heart beat. Don't pay me cash- just pay me in Cinnamon Apple Chips :)

On the flip side. My partner in crime tried them- she wasn't too pleased. Neither were her kids. But I guess it has to be an acquired taste sort of thing. One last thing- after chewing down a mouthful of these chips- the after taste and once the product gets soft in your mouth reminds me of the taste of applesauce :) Love these chips. Thanks Sarah for allowing me to review these! You rock. For more information on where to purchase these, you can check out their website here. As always- you really should try these out and see for yourself. As my opinion is just that- an opinion. Much love. ♥ Jen. ♥

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