Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall flashback.

I'm sitting here listening to music I used to listen to as a child. Oddly enough the pop filled mess coming from my speakers is somewhat soothing. Unfortunately Sarah- no Hanson. This doesn't happen to me very often. When I can listen to bubble gum pop one hit wonders in the early stages in the development of my musical preferences. These were back in the days when I wanted to be a pop princess. Yes. Don't laugh or I'll shank you with the lid off my happy pills ;) I'm sitting here- Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas "Smooth" and Lou Bega's "Mambo # 5." brings me to some good memories. Me and my friends dancing at homecoming. Glitter on our faces, our hair in cute do's wearing the dresses we'd spent FOREVER deciding on. Back when we'd squeal at every song that came on because that was, "My favorite song!" I have a lot of sad memories out of these years but I am thankful that I have this music to go back to to help bring back the good memories.  Then shortly after homecoming comes Trick Or Treating!!!!! I was so excited to finally be OUT of the horrible situation I was put through as a child, I was happy to have great friends, to play basketball, and to go Trick or treating with those great friends.  We all decided on making our costumes. I was a hippy. Go figure. I had these awesome hand made bell bottoms that were blue jean with a red silk bell that made up the bottom of the pants. It was awesome. We grabbed the pillow cases off our beds and went out like we were 8 again! It was my best Halloween memory I ever remember having as a child. Thanks Nikki and Roxanna :)                 (In picture below- Me, Nikki and Roxanna.)  

Fast forward to the future. Thirteen years later I'm reminiscing of these sweet memories. I hope my children have some of the best memories like I do. I know they'll have bad memories too- but i'm hoping that they can turn to something that brings out all those happy memories like mine. I love fall- even though it's in the 40's outside and raining with threats of snow! Hahaha!!! I still love the smell of fall, the leaves falling, pumpkin spice and Trick Or Treating. Much Love, ♥ Jen ♥ 

Leaving you with the video I was listening to as I was typing this up. Enjoy :)

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