Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Karma Bank....How Do You Make Deposits?

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I'm a fairly big believer in Karma. 
I think that we get back what we put in, if that makes any sense. 
So I try to put in as much good as I can, though admittedly, this isn't always easy. It's not always something huge, it can be as small as letting someone go ahead of you in the line at the store or something.
This weekend, I was stunned to find out how little people put in.
We were out and about on Sunday and we stopped by Big Lots to look at their Christmas decoration and to try to get some ideas for Christmas gifts. I was super thirsty, so I grabbed a soda to share with my husband. We walked around the store, found a Christmas decoration to make our current decor and went to pay for it and head to the next store. I decided to join their rewards club in the middle of the transaction. She'd already rang up my items, so I sent my family out and told Anastasia to take the soda with her for Matthew. 
We go through the transaction and she gives me my total. I pay for it and head outside. I get halfway out there when it dawns on me that it should have been more. I get to the car and look at the receipt and realize she didn't ring up the soda. So I grabbed it and ran in and paid for it.
I was amazed that they were so grateful that I'd done that and how much they were praising me and thanking me for it. I was amazing because, I mean.....shouldn't EVERYONE do that?
It's sad that people feel the need to take things without paying for them. No matter how small it is, if we realize we've left the store without paying for something, we go back in and pay for it. Even if it's less than $1. 
When I was a teen, I was a shoplifter. I would take magazines, CD's, clothes, etc, etc. The reason? Because I could. I was with a friend when I did it the first time. I saw her do it and she dared me to try it, so I did. And I realized that I could get a lot of stuff without paying for it. I was greedy and I took anything I could.
That was wrong of me and as I got older, I realized that. And I try to make up for it by being the best person I can be.
The same day that this incident happened at Big Lots, I went to Dollar General to get dish soap. As I was coming out, there was a cop standing there and this lady crying. She got busted trying to steal a plush throw blanket. Her reason? It was pretty and she wanted it. There's a lot of stuff I want, but I can't have it because I can't afford it.
Banking Karma points is important to me and my family and, sometimes, especially when times are hard, I find myself questioning Karma. Then I get a smack in the face by reality and realize that my situation may not be ideal, but it could be worse.
My van took a dump on us and my sister gave us a car. We had to put a new battery in it, but it ran like a dream all day on Sunday. It started up on Monday and got my husband to work.
Then it wouldn't start anymore.
I complained, I cried, I asked "Why? What did we do to deserve this? Aren't we good people?" Then, later that night, I heard a news story about a man who lost his house in a tornado earlier this year, then lost his new house in a fire on Monday.
My situation sucked, absolutely. His was far worse. I'd take my situation over his any day. 
One thing I'm learning, as I grow older, is that what I'm going through right now isn't as bad as what others may be dealing with.
It tends to put things into perspective.
What are some ways you bank Karma points?


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