Friday, October 12, 2012

Surviving and Reliving Breast Cancer: The Rea Kelsie Fielden Story

 I approached Sarah about doing a post about breast cancer since this is breast cancer awareness month. I wanted to do an interview of someone who had fought and won the battle against breast cancer. I wanted to show the importance of early detection and lay out a blue print of what someone facing chemo and other treatments would experience. Then Sarah approached me and informed me of a woman whose mother had not only fought and won the battle against breast cancer- but is now facing a larger battle. A battle her mother may die fighting. This is her story.


My mom is Rea Kelsie Fielden. For several years she danced in Country Western dance competitions and won many of them. Her waltz was known for causing misty eyes in the audience. In May 2005, only a couple years after she retired from the dance circuit, she began having health issues. She had nausea, dizziness, headaches, severe pain in her hands, and chronic fatigue. “I knew something was wrong with me. I kept telling them to look at the whole picture because I thought it must all be connected.” (RKF) 
It wasn’t until April of 2006 when she was finally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39. During a biopsy they found that she had all three types, tubular, lobular, and DCIS. The cancer was throughout her lymph nodes so she underwent a full hysterectomy and a radical mastectomy, removing her right breast completely. She went through eight rounds of chemotherapy and 34 radiation treatments and won her battle with cancer. 
Earlier this year, she celebrated her five year anniversary of being cancer free.
But that is not the end of her story. 
Over the last few years, she has slowly lost her ability to walk, and has begun having seizures. She suspected her cancer may have come back, but her doctors insisted there was nothing wrong with her. “They kept telling me there was no medical reason for me to be in a wheelchair. They said the seizures were all in my head. I told them I was worried it might be cancer.” (RKF) 
Finally, after a year and a half of health issues, she was again diagnosed with cancer in August of this year. When surgery was performed to biopsy an area on her spine, the doctors found that her spine had actually turned to mush. The doctors described it as trying to squeeze the yogurt out of a tube; impossible to get all of it out. This time, it is stage four metastatic breast cancer. It has spread throughout her body. She has a node on one lung, two nodes on the other, a spot on her left scapula, three spots on her chest plate, one on her right shoulder, and a mass in her brain. 
She has decided to choose quality over quantity in the hopes that she can spend her time as comfortable as possible with her friends and family nearby. Her last wish was to have all of her family together for Christmas which has not happened since 2001.
My amazing dad raised me since I was two years old... meaning that I've only spent 5 Christmases with my mom and only 3 of those I can remember... which kind of explains why this is just that much more important to me, 
I guess I never had as much time with her as I wanted in the first place. Her family has been doing fundraisers since August to help pay for the travel expenses. Unfortunately, she has been given a prognosis of 2-6 weeks left to live, meaning that most likely she will not live to see Christmas this year at all. With this urgent prognosis, her family is desperately trying to raise enough funding to gather everyone in Wisconsin for a Christmas in October by the middle of the month. “I just want to thank everyone profusely, my biggest thanks for the support everyone has shown me. Thank you!” (RKF)

I really wasn't sure how to give this the wording I feel it truly deserved. So, I just copied the email I received from Genevieve herself. I approached her and asked her for her moms story. Since meeting Genevieve, I can see how strong of a person she truly is. The sad truth is, that only 2% of breast cancer research goes to metastatic breast cancer funding :( I, myself, did not know this. I hope that one day we can beat this nasty horrible thing and be done with it. I am hoping that maybe, Rea's wish to spend one last Christmas with her family (Hopefully many more) will come true. Sometimes I feel that we no longer live in a society that takes care of each other, and cares for each other. It seems as if we're sometimes too set on materialistic things and what we can get for free in life. None of that have any real value than helping someone when they are in great need. There is a way you can help make Rea's wish come true. Click on one of the links below to see how you can help. Be an angel. Feed the hope. And feel the love.
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  1. Wow, what an amazing story, full of courage and heartbreak. I'm so sorry she has to go through this again and I admire her courage to handle it the way she has chosen. I hope that she gets to enjoy the time with her family like she hopes to. She's in my thoughts.
    Stay strong and courageous.

  2. BIGGEST UPDATE EVER: The Dream Foundation has approved Mom's wish! This means they will help us pay for our hotels, gas, and even a present for each little one! We have now reached our goal! Any further donations will go towards Mom's Christmas present, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software (see previous update for info) and Christmas dinner. THANK YOU!! To the Dream Foundation, to everyone who has donated, and to all of you with your kind thoughts and prayers!

    Update again! We are having Christmas!!!!! We have reached our goal and Mom's gift has been purchased! I can not possible say thank you enough to anyone who has helped make my mom's last dream come true. To the family, friends, authors, the Dream Foundation, the Mommy Chronicals, and complete strangers who have helped; I feel so much love for all of you, for life, for humanity as a whole. With people like you walking this planet, I know we will one day have peace, love and happiness for everyone.


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