Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fast and the Girliness....My 8 Year Old Teenager

This sweet little child is Anastasia...when she was 3. Back then, she loved getting dirty, loathed being put in a dress, and just wanted to run and play and be a kid. Sure, she wanted her nails painted or some make up on her when she saw me doing my nails and makeup. But for the most part, getting her into a dress took an act of God or something, 'cause it just wasn't happening.

That is Anastasia now, in her 8 year old glory. NOW, I'm having to deal with her wanting to wear makeup (even if she is applying 8lbs of lip gloss), perfume, bras, she wants her hair highlighted, she's into boys, she wants a purse....


I swear, the kid is a teenager trapped in an 8 year old's body! And I don't know what to do with it. Sure, she has her moments where she's her goofy self and yes, she has her childish moments, but those are few and far between. Now, I have to contend with her to use my phone. She asked me if she could have a blog! The kid LOVES shopping and, thankfully she's happy going to Goodwill to do that shopping.

I swear, it seems like girls are growing up so much faster than boys these days. Sebastian, who is Anastasia's older brother (by 30 seconds!) is still very immature, very much into playing and being a kid. But not Anastasia. She wants to watch adult shows. We bought her "Once Upon A Time" season 1 for Christmas and I DVR the episodes from Season 2 every Sunday. Instead of asking for toys, she wants a TV, a camera, a cell phone and makeup for Christmas.


I was chatting with my friend Cassandra from The Mommie Load about this and she's having the same problem, only her daughter is 6! It scares me because, with shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, I don't want these girls thinking that that's an okay life for them. Kids are growing up and doing adult things earlier these days and it's a scary thought to know that I have two kids on the brink of being tweens, then teens!


I just want to keep my babies babies just a little bit longer, keep them innocent, keep them intact. It KILLS me to know that, soon, I'll be deal with my little girl crying because some little punk boy broke her heart. Before my eyes, my little girl is slowly becoming a little woman and, try as I might, there isn't a damn thing I can do to stop it.

If I'm like this NOW, maybe I should stock up on some Prozac for later......

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