Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween And November 1

Man, Halloween just isn't what I remember it being as a kid and that is a little sad.
Yesterday was Halloween.....a day that, as a kid, I very much looked forward to, but as an adult, I kind of dread. 
My kids, naturally, were dreaming of scary costumes and truckloads of candy. 
This year, we came up with our own costumes and I have to say, I think we did pretty good. We only spent, at most, $15 for everything. We mostly used items that we already had at our disposal.
Sebastian was Dracula (minus the teeth). I'd found a long sleeve black dress shirt with some black slacks and we pinned the cape from his Power Rangers costumer from last year to his shirt, so he had a cape. Then I did his make up and used that colored hairspray to turn his hair black. I think I did a pretty okay job, but that's just me. lol
Anastasia wanted to be a Monster High doll, but couldn't decided which one, so we kind of came up with our own. We went to Goodwill and found her this top that I thought was a dress and a pair of Mary Jane style shoes. Then we went to DollarTree and found her some argyle knee high socks. The top was a little too short, so I had her wear some black leggings that went with a Hannah Montana outfit that she had a few years back...thankfully she still fit in the leggings. We had some pink hairspray from last year, so I sprayed her hair black and pink. Slapped some makeup on her and, voila! You have a Monster High-ish doll! (That or a goth that likes the color pink....I'll let you decide)
Cailin, my sweet little demon child, wanted to be three things.
A princess (duh, what three year old doesn't?)
A fairy (again, what three year old doesn't)
A zombie (O.o)
Yes, she wanted to be all three of these things. Well, darling child, okay then.
She had this ladybug dress that I got for a steal on eBay last year and that she wore for her 2nd birthday. Thankfully, it still fit. I put that on her over a pair of black leggins from another outfit and put her beloved boots on her. Anastasia's teacher gave her a pair of butterfly/fairy wings, so I pinned that together just a little bit to make them not huge, then I put them on her and pinned it to her dress to keep it on. Then I put her hair up in a pony tail and put her tiara on her and did her make up (no color hairspray for her). I must say, she was quite possibly the cutest (and only) Fairy Princess Zombie.
They get all ghouled up and we head over to my Dad's so they can show off their costumes. My Dad was still asleep (he's a drummer and had a gig last night at the bar his band plays at), so they showed them off to my stepmom instead. Then we piled up and headed to pick Matthew up from work. In the midst of our travels, Cailin manged to break her tiara, so after getting Matthew (and the kids getting candy from Matthew's manager), we make a stop at DollarTree and get another one. We then head to one of the biggest churches in town, where they were having a trunk or treat. We figured it would be easier to do that then go around to neighborhoods. We get there and, instead of having people just go on in, they made us all line up and let them go a few at a time. We would have spent the whole thing in line, so we left and went to another church that usually puts on a pretty good trunk or treat.
Not so much this year.
We went and saw our friends at Monsters in the Alley where the kids got a little bit more candy. We couldn't find any neighborhoods that had the universal sign that they were giving out candy (you know, the one with the porch lights on), so we figured we'd just go to McDonald's and get dinner, buy them a bag of candy and call it a night. 
That's when we discovered that Redbox had taken money out of our account for a DVD that we returned the next day, but they are claiming we never returned. 
So we decide to head home, where I can slap together a quick dinner of spaghetti. That's when I remember that the local Optimist club is having a Halloween party, it's free, they are serving food, and all we had to do was give a non-perishable food donation. So we head back to our house. On the way there, some idiot who was clearly having a bad day comes swooping out of a bank on the left hand side of the street, totally avoiding the middle lane and came RRREEEAAALLLYYY close to T-Boning us. If I hadn't swerved out of the way, they would have hit us and would have done so hard. The person gets behind us, then speeds around us like an idiot does. We make it home where I'm shaking and get a few cans of veggies and head to the Optimist club.
We get there, hand over the donations and head in where I enter the kids into a drawing for a bicycle. Then we are rudely shooed off the floor because they are doing a costume age up to 12. I entered Cailin into the 3 year old one where she won for Most Original costume. YAY! The way they explained it was that, if you were picked, when it was over, you went back for your prize. Sebastian and Anastasia entered for the 8 year olds, but didn't win. So we take them to where the inflatables are, only to realize that the people running them aren't paying any attention. We stood in line, without moving, for 10 minutes. 
By this time, Cailin is on the verge of melting down because she is getting sleepy, so we gather the other two and head home, where they transform back into normal kids.
I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's November already! This is nuts! We are just a few days away from electing a president (I'm an Obama Mama), a few weeks away from Thanksgiving and about 50ish days away from Christmas. This year has just flown by, I can't believe how quickly. But I'm excited to start decorating for Christmas and for the food that's coming my way.
How was YOUR Halloween?


  1. My favorite costumes are the ones that people put together themselves. They are so much more interesting. And Fairy Princess Zombie, gotta love that imagination!

    1. I know, right. I love it! THAT's what Halloween is suppose to be about, using your imagination to become someone else for a night.


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