Monday, November 26, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I hope you got lots of yummy food and fun times with your loved ones.
On Thursday, the husband and I got up and went shopping, intending on just paying a little on our layaway and getting some things. We ended up paying the layaway out and pretty much knocking Christmas shopping out of the park. And we did so without breaking us. It's going to be an awesome Christmas in our household, that's for sure.
It DID, however, make me sad because I realized that my little girl is growing up. Anastasia that is. I recently posted about how I'm convinced she's a teenager trapped in an 8 year old's body. I realized how true this was when we bought her a nail polish kit that came with a dryer and a bath set that you'd get for a teen or something. And a 22" flat screen! I realized it even more when I suggested to my husband that we get her a gift card for Rue 21, her favorite store.
Sebastian is hitting the mother load, because he's getting a new DS with a TON of new games, new bedding, an air hockey game....he's basically getting every boys dream gifts, at least in my opinion. He's still very much a little boy, though we DID get him stuff that we think will make him feel "grown up", like some Avenger's bath stuff (come HUSBAND wanted the kit! lol)
Cailin was probably the easiest to buy for...and the cheapest. She got a TON of stuff, including a doll house with a family that is HUGE (and only cost $20!), a Minnie Mouse pop up tent and a doctor kit, so she can pretend she's Doc McStuffins. She was with us when we went shopping, so she knows what she's getting, but I'm hoping she'll forget by the time we get to Christmas. lol. We only have a couple more years of shopping for her in the "cheap" aisle, because, like it or not, she's growing up on me too.
Later that day, we went to my Dad's mother-in-law's house for dinner. It was delish, but more importantly, we got to spend time with family. That was nice...I always love doing that! We drew names for Christmas gifts. On our slip of paper with our name on it, we wrote 3 things we wanted for Christmas. Being me, I put gift card, gift card, gift card. lol. I had no idea what to put. Oh well. lol
Friday, Matthew had to go in early, because they were having a black Friday sale. It didn't work out that great and he came home about an hour later. Thanks to Kristal, we found some awesome Black Friday sales on Wal-Mart's website and scored the kids some more awesome gifts.
Saturday, Matthew had to work and I felt like crap, so I did pretty much nothing at all.
Yesterday, Matthew and I went out and did a little more shopping for around the house, got some wrapping paper so we can get a head start on that, then rented a couple of movies from Redbox and had some family time.
I've got a pretty relaxed week ahead of me, but today isn't that relaxing. I need to get my house back in order. Oh fun times. PLUS I'm potty training Cailin, so that is kind of stressful, all though she does a pretty good job of it. I have a couple of blogs cooking in the ol noggin, so be on the look out for those as well!
Tell me about your holiday!

♥ Sarah

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