Thursday, November 15, 2012

Light It Up With H O U R S luminaires

It's not very often that we stumble across a business that is so excited to let us review their products. Many businesses aren't as up for it as others and that makes me wonder about their products. So when I got the chance to review a candle from H O U R S luminaires, I jumped at the chance. It's obvious they stand by their products and are proud of them, because they welcome reviews.

The owner sent me three candles from their fall line. She did so swiftly and it was packaged very well. I got two that were in mason jars and one that was in a very pretty contemporary holder. I opened the box and was blown away by how yummy it all smelled. I knew I had to get Jen in on this review, so she came over and we selected what WE wanted to review. 

I picked the Country Home candle, which was in a Mason jar. OMG! I lit that bad boy up and was amazed how well it filled my room with a great scent. It wasn't overbearing in the least. It was just enough scent to make both my kitchen and living room smell good. I'm really picky about what I use to scent my home with and it's rare that I find a product that isn't overpowering and abrasive. My Country Home H O U R S luminaires candle is anything BUT overpowering and abrasive. I have it sitting on my counter and I light it daily, after I get my house clean. This Sunday, I had my Dad and stepmom over for dinner and I asked them about it and they both said that it smelled great!

When you order from H O U R S luminaires, they provide you with a shipping number so you can track your package. My package came in a medium sized box with packing peanuts in them. I had four packages in them, three candles and a package of tea light candles.

 They come in a cardboard box with the H O U R S luminaires logo on the top. In one corner, they will write the name of the scent you are receiving. Inside the box, the candle is protected by packing straw (I'm not sure if that's what it really is called, but it sounds nice. lol)

As I mentioned, I reviewed the Country Home scent. It was in a mason jar, complete with the lid and it had a decorative piece of twine (I think that's what it is) tied around it. 

On the inside, you have a decent size wick that is wide and catches pretty quickly.

The candle is a soy based, organic candle. H O U R S luminaires prides themselves on being environmentally friendly and they only use recyclable materials in ALL of their products. 

The company started in August of 2012 and they are based out of California. They have an Etsy shop in which you can purchase their products and they have recently rolled out their Christmas scents. If you are looking for a gift for someone and you have no clue what to get them, a H O U R S luminaires candle is the perfect gift. While you are shopping for your friends and family, pick up one for yourself and let them know what you think!

Jen here. Sarah asked me to test out and do a review on candles from Hours Luminaires. Me being a complete candle addict-if it's a candle, i've probably burned it at one point or another in my life. I am a candle freak. So it's really hard to please me in the candle department. Common problems I have found in some other candles include a weak scent, the wick burning out with a bunch of the wax leftover, hard to light, and the chemicals they give off when they are burned. Let's not forget- the ones which do not last long. However. I fell in love with these candles. I tested out the "Moonlight Stroll". It is placed in a very nice contemporary decorative glass holder. It is orange in color and smells fantastic. I admit I was a bit timid because i'd never seen a candle with a reed looking wick. And upon smelling the candle- it really didn't have a strong smell. Which made me think it wasn't going to be strong enough for a family with four children and two pets. I was wrong. I lit the candle and within around fifteen minutes my bedroom smelled amazing! It wasn't a very strong smell and it wasn't weak. But it was strong enough to cover odors, yet it wasn't the obvious, "Hey i'm faking the nice smell of my home with a candle." I absolutely LOVED this candle. I know what is on my wish list this year! And i'm being dead serious. Buy these candles!!!!!                                                                                                          ♥♥♥♥                 

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