Saturday, November 17, 2012

Memories and Hand Me Downs

When I was teen, my wall was LITERALLY covered in posters.
I was a HUGE Hanson fan and I have posters EVERYWHERE, not only of Hanson, but of The Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, The Moffetts, etc, etc. It was pretty awesome and I loved it. All those cute boys watching over me. Oh yea!
As I grew older and moved away, I packed all my posters up in a suitcase and planned on holding on to them. I had well over 400 posters I'd say..
Well, when I was 19, I moved in with my Dad from my ex-husband's house and the suitcase went into a storage shed. When I moved to Florida, I couldn't take my stuff, so it all stayed there.

I never saw it again.

When I moved BACK to Kentucky in 2008, I asked about my stuff and my Dad said a lot was in the attic and what was in the shed was probably not even worth looking at anymore, because it was probably destroyed, so I didn't think anything else about it.
Today, I was over there with the kids and I looked in the shed to see if a ball was in there. In the corner, i spotted my old suitcase with stuff written on the outside and posters taped to the outside.


I got over my fear of creepy crawlies and stepped into the shed, snagging the suitcase. My heart fell a little because it felt so heavy, I just KNEW everything inside had been ruined. I put it on the ground and tried to open it, but couldn't, so my Dad went to get a screw driver. I stood it on it's side and got it opened and did a happy dance.


They weren't damaged in the least. Anastasia started getting excited, knowing that she was going to be walking down memory lane with me, so we took the suitcase to the porch and started going through it. We were going to dinner at a family friends house, so we didn't get to look at them that much. I closed it and tucked it safely inside my Dad's car trunk and we went to eat.
Cailin and I came home early, because she was sleepy and hadn't had her nap, so I grabbed up my suitcase and brought it in the house. I opened it up and started looking through it. WOW! It was SO awesome to see everything in there again. Such good memories.

I'm excited for Anastasia to get home so we can go through the pictures together and I can hang some on her wall. I'm excited to giggle and share stories with her about the posters and the people in them and how they played a role in my teen years. I don't plan to give them ALL to her, but man, some of those are 15 years old. I DO, however, plan to clean up my suitcase and store it in my house somewhere. That way, when I'm feeling nostalgic, I can put on a Hanson CD and get lost in being a teen again. I can't WAIT to see what else I have at my Dad's!
What have you handed down to your kids from your younger days?


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  1. I had a Glo-Worm when I was younger and loved that thing. When my daughter was born, I bought her one as well (mine had gotten lost in travels). She is 5 and still has it on the bed with her every night.
    Oh and thanks to Spotify, she is listening to all my fave boy bands with me!


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