Friday, November 2, 2012

Secret Subject Swap

Karen, over at Baking In A Tornado, gave me the honor of getting to participate in this month's Secret Subject Swap. It sounded so fun, so I just had to get in on it!

My subject is "I Feel Most Confident When....." and it was submitted by Cassandra's Corner. Thank you so much for this prompt!

Let's see....honestly, lately, I'm not feeling very confident, but I guess I'd have to say that when I DO feel confident, it's usually when I'm blogging. I feel like I can get lost in this world of blogs, express my thoughts, reach out, meet some awesome people and really be much of myself as I can be when I'm feeling low. lol
Blogging allows me to really be myself, but it also allows me to grow and learn about me. Sometimes I surprise even myself with my honesty, because a lot of times, I don't know what's going to come out of I get done with the blog. Sometimes I think "hmmm...should I have posted that?" and sometimes I think "Oh man, that's an AWESOME blog".
I enjoy getting to give the world a glimpse of someone being real, because there's so much fake out there. My posts may not always be upbeat or even making sense, but they are 100% me, through and through. This is my outlet, my place to shine, so to speak.
Through this blog, I'm hoping to find more confidence in myself, in my personal life. I'm trying to figure out ways to bring you all along on my journey. If I'm being honest, I'm trying to find the courage to even start it, let alone talk about it.
So, that's when I feel most confident.....when I'm connecting with all of you!


  1. What a great answer. I get so much out of blogging too, so I know exactly where you're coming from. SO glad you joined in!

    1. It was fun! I wasn't sure how to answer, so I just let the words flow.

  2. Love your honesty. I'm new to your blog, but can't wait to check it out. Welcome to the swap!

  3. I know what you mean! I often say a lot of things in my posts that I have never shared out loud with people around me (except with my family, of course)

  4. LOVE this response to your prompt!!! Absolutely awesome!

  5. great and truthful post. I find that repeating things over and over makes me confident when walking into a situation I don't feel great going to.

  6. Great post and I totally agree with you…blogging is awesome!

  7. Isn't blogging the best? It's so theraputic for me! And, I've met so many great people networking through fun events like this swap! Fun and relatable post!

    Tracy @ Momaical

  8. What a wonderful way to get to know something so important - about you and about others. I have looked around on your blog - this is my first visit, from the SSS, and I think you are terrific! You should build on the confidence you feel when blogging. You deserve to feel great about you! :)

  9. Blogging has given me confidence too.

    I'm thinking maybe some red hair dye gives you a boost too?

  10. Blogging is way cheaper than therapy, and I really probably need therapy, but blogging is definitely a release for me and a place where I can totally be myself and not be afraid. It's awesome and freeing and wonderful. I'm so glad I found all these great bloggers to hang out with in the great blogosphere. Great post!

  11. You are right! Blogging is an awesome outlet. Lillian is right the red hair is pretty sexy!!


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