Friday, November 16, 2012

Taking A Stand Against Bullying

The above is a picture of the write up Sadie over at Slap Dash Mom posted that her 11 year old daughter received.
Because she stood up to a bully.
Earlier in the week, she posted what happened on her Facebook page. "Jenelle (5th grade) came home today saying a boy (4th grader) hit her at recess.. she said she told him not to do it again.. he did it again so she kicked him. He told on her, and SHE got sent to the counselor as punishment. The counselor said she had to miss recess until December 3rd. That's 2 weeks of recess for fighting back when she was hit multiple times."
I'm sorry, WHAT?!

All through out the school year so far, Jenelle and her sisters have been tormented in one way or another. One kid called the youngest of the girl, who is in KINDERGARTEN a whore! *insert jaw drop here*

Sadie has contacted the school on many occasions about the treatment of her children, all to no avail. She's contacted media outlets, again to no avail. Her requests for help, for justice, for someone in that school to do the RIGHT thing and put an end to her children's bullying is falling on deaf ears.

That's NOT okay and IT HAS TO STOP!

Now, I started blogging because of Sadie...she's something of my blogging mentor. For THIS to be happening and nothing be done about it is sickening. It's heartbreaking. I just want to go up there and grab her family up and bring them here and protect them, especially those beautiful kids of hers.

I recently posted a blog, sharing my story of being bullied and encouraging everyone to take a pledge against bullying. I believe that a lot of bullies are taught this behavior at home and that makes me really sad and angry.

WE are the adults here......WE should be teaching our kids that bullying IS NOT OKAY! It's just not. And to hear about a little girl who was finally pushed to the point where she felt she had to defend herself, only to get wrote up for it and the other child not be punished at all...well, it has ROYALLY pissed me off. 

I'm trying to get the info together on who I need to contact and when I do, I plan to post it here, on my Facebook page and anywhere else I can find, so everyone can have access to the info and I encourage them all to start the superintendent, the principle, the media outlets in the area...just anyone who will listen.

I encourage everyone to take a stand against bullying and to be the voice that Jenelle, her sisters, and every one else that is being bullied needs.

As a blogging community, we CAN make a difference!



  1. Thank you for blogging about this. I know it's not an easy topic. I appreciate your support.

    1. You're welcome.....I want to help you guys anyway I can.


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