Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Best Thing About Memories Is Making Them

When you become a parent, you try like hell to make sure your kids are happy, healthy, and have a childhood full of wonderful memories. Crafts, playing outside, splashing through puddles...these are just some of the things we allow ourselves and our kids to do to create something so much more than just a minute long time of's a memory they can look back on.

Cailin has taken an interest in tents and forts. Not sure where she picked it up, but whatever. So, for Christmas, we got her a Minnie Mouse pop-up tent. Well, for some reason Matthew decided to go ahead and let her have it yesterday. 


OMG, it was such a hit that she put it on her bed and slept in it when she took a nap. That kid isn't right and I've never claimed she was.

Well, last night she wanted to sleep in it on her bed again. She's still in her toddler bed and I was worried she'd get in it and roll of the bed or something. While that would have been hilarious, i wasn't exactly in the mood to have to deal with a middle of the night melt down. 

So I tried to put this sleeping bag thing she has over her bed (her toddler bed is a 4-in-1 crib, so the sides and back are high...we actually have it in what they call the "day bed" set up) and it wouldn't stay. I thought...hmmm...what do I have that I could use.

I went to my room and found the flat sheet of an old Tinkerbell set that Anastasia had when she was in a full size bed a couple of years ago. Perfect. I took it in there and tacked it to the wall, tied one end to the bed and, voila! She has a tent. She was thrilled!
It got me thinking.......

As a parent, I do a lot of things just to put a smile on my kids' face. I'll be silly, I'll put make up on one of the girls, I'll listen to Sebastian ramble on about Pokemon, etc, etc. My kids' happiness is extremely important to me and I want them to be able to look back on their childhood and think "Man, it was a pretty good time". I want Cailin to tell her daughter (when she's 80 and we allow her to date), that her Mommy made her a tent for her bed. I want Anastasia to tell her daughter that her Mommy passed on her love of Hanson. I want Sebastian to tell his son that his Daddy gave him his first football jersey.

So many kids have crappy childhoods. My own wasn't exactly fairy tale worthy. But I remember little things, like my mom going through hell and high water to find me an ice cream cake for my 16th the middle of Kentucky. It wasn't an easy task, I assure you. When I look at my left ankle I see my first tattoo, which my mom paid for for me (and held my hand while i got it) for my 18th birthday. I remember she and I getting our ears pierced together.

My point is, I feel like I was failing my children if I didn't give them good memories to look back on. And it's something I strive to do daily. I want my kids to grow up and think "Damn, my childhood was AWESOME!" and pass that along to their own children.

After all, my kids are my I want it to be a good one.

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