Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weight Loss and Bucket Lists

Recently, I posted about how my weight is holding me back from enjoying life (you can read that by clicking HERE). It's true, I do feel that way. 
I need to do something about it.
Now, I know this might sound like an excuse, but it's November and we have Thanksgiving and Christmas and whatnot. Now is the WORST time to start a diet! So I'm not going to.
I AM, however, using these last couple of months going through "withdrawls" of my addictions that I'm going to break.
My two biggest addictions?
Soda and salt.
I know that SOME salt is okay, but I use A LOT of salt. 
So I'm going to try to start cutting back on it. 
Soda.....oh how I love soda. I don't know why...maybe it's the taste or the way it just hits the spot, IDK, but I love me some soda.
Sadly, I have to break up with it. 
So, November and December are going to be the months where I break up with salt and soda, mourn the end of our relationship, and recover. On January 7 (the first Monday in January), I plan to start my life anew, with eating better and working out more. It's time and it needs to be done.
Dina, over at A Plucky Procrastinator suggested I do a bucket list of sorts....something to keep me motivated to lose weight. On said bucket list, it will be doing all the things I feel like my weight is keeping me from doing. Such awesome advice. I've thought it over and given it serious consideration and I think I'm ready to start my bucket list. I'm sure I'll add more as I go along, but here are the things I know that I REALLY want to do.

1. Do a photo shoot
2. Go skating
3. Do karaoke with friends
4. Do a 5K marathon
5. Take a ball room dancing class
6. Get a couple of tattoos in places I can't get them
7. Do a boudoir photo shoot for my husband.
8. Do more Youtube videos for The Mommy Chronicles
9. Go swimming a lot more
10. Look FABULOUS for my 80's themed vow renewal in September.

I'm going to start working on a new section of this blog, all about weight loss, because I want to bring you all on this journey with me.
So...sorry soda and's time for you to go!



  1. You can do it. Just put your heart into it. Get your friends involved.Speaking of, I have some major changes I have to make and I don't even know where to begin but I'm doing this with you!!!!!!! I'm tired of feeling like crap.

    1. I'm assuming this is Jen, so hell yes you are! lol


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