Monday, November 12, 2012

Weight Loss Update

So, if you remember, recently I posted about my weight loss bucket list. In it, I listed what I want to do as I lose weight, as well as my plan.
Well, I have been without excess salt and excess soda for a little over a week. I DID have salt with dinner the other night, when I had corn on the cob. And I have had two soda's. BUT.....


I know, right! I actually LOST weight...a significant amount! This has me excited and really motivated. I'm proud of myself! I have stuck to my guns and it hasn't been that bad. At first I had REALLY bad headaches, because I wasn't having soda and I was out of coffee. I have a headache right now, because I haven't had coffee today. Caffeine headaches are SOOOO painful....I hate them! lol
But so far, I'm doing pretty good and I'm really happy that I'm making progress. This is the most progress I've made thus far, so I'm feeling pretty good. 
My next step is working on my portion control and water intake.
My plan for the water intake is to basically take a measuring cup, fill it up to 8oz and drink it every hour that I'm awake. I think that's the only way I will for sure get my daily water intake. I mean, I drink a lot of water anyway, but I it's not near where it should be. That's going to be my challenge for next month.
I think I'm going to get up with my sister and see when the first 5K is in our area for next year and see if she'll do it with me. I'm not sure how to even find that info out, but she does a lot of them, so I figure...why not, right. 
Besides, running a 5K IS on my bucket list!


  1. good for you! keep it up. weight loss is all about eating the right amount of calories FOR YOU. once you know what your caloric target is for weight loss, you can easily track what you eat using an app like myfitnesspal or sparkpeople. starting is hard but once a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit, it's tough to stop :)


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