Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Has Come and Gone

I just realized that I haven't posted in over a week! My mom is visiting from Florida and I've been busy, so forgive me.

Christmas was yesterday and my kids made out like little bandits! I think they were very happy with all their gifts. Christmas eve, my husband borrowed a Santa suit and surprised the kids with a visit. He gave them their presents to open, which consisted of PJs and socks for Cailin, a PJ shirt and socks for Anastasia and a PJ shirt for Sebastian (my sister bought them PJ pants for Christmas). We took some pictures, then Santa left.
That man makes a sexy Santa!

We had a few last minute gifts to wrap, plus all of the presents my mom got them, so we set to doing that. Matthew decided to stack the presents by child into a pile and he handled the stockings. It took about 30 minutes or so, but we got it done.
And the stockings were hung by the
I think Matthew and I were up first, then Cailin woke up and went to wake up Sebastian and Anastasia. The fun started at about 7:30-8ish, somewhere around there. My mom opened her surprise gift, which was a necklace that had 3 charms on it that said "Live, Laugh, Love", which is one of my favorite little sayings. She wasn't expecting it, so it made her cry. The kiddos tore into theirs with a fury and I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up, but I did. 

We saved the big gifts for last......they were the ones they REALLY wanted, but that we told them they weren't getting.

New DSi
22" flat screen TV
Big doll house
These were all a hit! They loved them. Anastasia also go a blu-ray player to go along with the TV. Lucky duck! lol. It's a smart player, so I can hook it up to the internet and she can stream.

It hit me, as I was cooking our Christmas dinner, that we were about to host our first ever holiday dinner. No pressure, right? Thankfully, my mama was here to help me out! I would have been lost without her! It was absolutely DELISH too. And the turkey....OMG!
That's a sexy bird right there!
Needless to say, the day went off without a hitch and was deemed a success, plus I got to show my mama that I CAN cook. This was the first holiday we've spent together in 5 years and her first with Cailin and Matthew at all, so that was a blessing in itself. I'm already looking forward to next year!

How was your Christmas?


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas day Sarah. It sounded wonderful. I can't believe you were all set after 30 minutes! It took us hours positioning, then repositioning the kids present piles and stockings on Christmas Eve:)


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