Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is in 1 week. It almost seems like this year has just absolutely FLOWN by. It's nuts!

With Christmas comes that time old tradition of having your kids' picture taken with Santa. Parents scour the newspaper, internet, and malls in search of the location of a Santa visit. They load their kids up, decked out in their finest and herd them to said location, wait in line, and sit them on some random strangers lap, so they can tell said stranger about their biggest desire for Christmas. The parents snap a picture, thinking..."awww! It's going to be nice!".

They almost always look like THIS ----------->

Cute kids.....not so much for the picture.

I am guilty of doing this as well. However, I have two that no longer believe and one that wants to tell ol Saint Nick where he can stick his sleigh. She's not a fan of the big man, to the point where she saw him at Wal-Mart and called him a big jerk when he tried to talk to her, all while crying like she'd been beaten.

Yea....I have THAT kid.

So imagine my delight when I found out that the place my husband works was having Santa come visit this past Saturday. I made the appropriate plans to take the kids, promoted it on my personal Facebook page, etc, etc. Saturday came and I was recruited to help out, as I usually am in these things (I don't mind....they guys my husband works with are pretty awesome!). The kids ran around and made a ton of new "friends", watched 20 different movies on the various TV's (my husband works for a local rent to own place). I cut sandwiches, took pictures, handed out gifts....it was fun.

The older two decided to go ahead and humor ol Mom by sitting on Santa's lap for a picture.
If he said he was a good boy, it was a lie!
She's in the top 5 of the naughty list!

I'm fairly certain that they did it for the free gift...don't quote me on that though! lol
Cailin.......she wasn't really feeling it, despite me telling her who Santa REALLY was and the Jolly man himself revealing his true identity.....it took her a while, but she eventually warmed up....sorta.
Okay Mom, I humored you, NOW LET ME DOWN!
Jen (my awesome co-writer) brought her kiddos up..if she wants to share those pictures, I'll let her do it. But SHE got in on the action too!
Thumbs up for pretending to be good!

Then I decided to get in on it....and use a little sex appeal to get put on the nice list.
Layin' one on him for bonus points!
I'm pretty sure it worked, 'cause Santa brought me a Kindle Fire HD home last night! But then, considering MY secret identity, ol Claus there knows better than to put me on the naughty list........

Didn't know that I was married to Santa, did ya?


So....what did you think? And are you THAT Sarah Michelle?