Monday, January 7, 2013

I Think THIS Time...It's Meant To Be

I'm sick and tired of being tired, worn out, exhausted, lazy, whatever you want to call it. I lack energy, I lack self-esteem to create energy. I lack confidence. I just lack.

What I DON'T lack is fat.

It's true. I'm a lardo. I have been all my life. But it's something that I've finally found the strength, the courage, and the determination to change.

On our Facebook page, we are doing a Biggest Loser challenge (January sign-ups have already ended and the challenge has begun, but keep an eye out for February.). I started this because I need a support system to help with my weight loss. I've lost the weight before...not all of it, but 30 pounds. Then I had surgery and gained it all back.

THIS time, I'm determined to lose more that that, to reach my goal weight of 150 (TECHNICALLY, it's between 150 and 175. Any number in between those I'll be happy with.). Why? The biggest reason is because I'm 30 years old and if I don't get this weight off NOW, I'll NEVER get it off. The second is because I've been having some health issues that are scaring me and I know that, to avoid being put on a ton of meds, I need to lose the weight.

This time, I see it in my cards, because of little signs I've noticed. It may sound silly, but to me, these are signs that this is the time for it to work out. I'd been thinking about joining Weight Watchers, but it's so expensive. Yesterday, while we were at Goodwill, I found a complete Weight Watchers kit. Everything I need to do the points, etc, etc. $3.50. Yes I snatched that right up, thanks! Then I was reading my Woman's World magazine and came across an article about switching up your calories each day. One day have a high calorie day, the next, make it low calories, etc, etc. This is suppose to rev up your metabolism and trick your body into thinking something new is going on, because you keep alternating your days. Some of the foods they suggested for each day was totally doable! Last night, I was looking on Amazon Prime to see what fitness videos they have and there were 4 that was free. I figure that I can alternate them with the Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss edition DVD I have. That's 5 days of workouts, plus my Walk Away The Pounds DVD's. I'm joining a gym soon, I plan to walk to older two to school 3 days a week (once it warms up) and I'm getting a Wii with all the Just Dance games, plus the dancing games for kids. I'm going to have a lot of options!

I know this isn't going to happen overnight. I know that I'll have bad days. But I CAN do this. I WILL do this. I HAVE to do this.

"You can't give something up unless you WANT to give it up. If you don't WANT to give it up, you'll fail" - words of wisdom from my wonderful husband, Matthew.

And he's right. In the past, I didn't really WANT to get healthy. This time....I do.

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