Monday, January 7, 2013

The Pinterest Epitome.

Well recently I broke one of the biggest rules I'd set for myself. I deserved a huge mommy time out. I remember promising myself I wouldn't allow my sickness to control me. And basically....I was being jerked around via leash and collar. I'm sick of that and it's not going to happen again. I was depressed, I ignored my friends, and ignored my family. Instead of reaching out I shut down. That's never good. I felt better mentally. But physically I was miserable. But something happened to me. I don't know how to explain it. I was sitting on pinterest browsing my friends pins and saw a comment someone had posted on one of those pins. Some woman said something on the lines of her never actually doing what she pinned. They were her "dream" pins that she would never achieve. Well NOT this girl. At that very moment I realized my life needed to change. I criticize people for being unoriginal but I was hiding inside this box that was smothering me. I was smothering myself. Therefore. I was determined to change.
Music.In my past existence I'm going to call it. I was against any type of music that wasn't, in my opinion, talented. If you couldn't write your own songs, if your music sounded like the next person with blonde hair and if you were top 40- I probably had no idea or clue as to who you were. Because we all know the classics are where it's at. Nah. All that is garbage now. Don't get me wrong. I'm still a sucker for some Blind Melon, Led Zeppelin and Tool. But, my new vice is Jason Aldean. (Shut up Sarah. Lol.) I think he is just awesome. Listening to him right now. Along with Eric Church, The Band Perry, *gasp* "Call me maybe." Don't hate- I'm still new to this. I know her name is Carly something.
Appearance. I've had many many many oh so many excuses as to why I wear maternity jeans and t shirts. Don't judge. LOL. I'm fat, once I lose weight I'll change my clothes, these are just way to comfortable, I never go anywhere. I could go on and on and on. But those are all just that. Excuses. It took a trip into Rue 21 to realize my clothes are more outdated than the clothes that time traveled from the 70's only to be replaced with clothes from the 80's. My wardrobe was pathetic. So I drug out the earrings and necklaces and my black leather jacket with matching shoes and clothes that weren't jeans and t shirts. I also painted my toes and my nails. I left my hair DOWN. It was so bad that even with hair that hadn't been washed in a week- because it was down and brushed and straightened with a straightener my husband , with his nose touching mine looking into my eyes said, "You look nice. Your hair looks great down." Imagine if my hair had actually been WASHED and styled. 
Life in general. My husband and I have talked forever about doing things for the home. Painting, and fixing this and that. Well we redid our bathroom. Paint, and such. Our once white bathroom is now blue :) With a color that I got from *gasp* pinterest. I'm about to put some food in the crock pot that also came from pinterest. I haven't cooked my family a deacent meal in so long. Crock pot to the rescue. Today I will be cooking while i'm cleaning my home. The twins will be working on life lessons. And I will sip my coffee for the rest of my 10 minutes of free time in peace knowing I'm actually doing something with my life. I have also re connected with my husband as well as my friends and my children.

Oh, and I shall be doing the weight loss challenge with Sarah and the rest of you momisode fans. My life is awesome. Much love.
                                                     ♥ Jen. ♥

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