Thursday, January 24, 2013

WHAT?!? Not A Foot Long?!?

So, evidently, someone decided to see just how much Subway restaurant's foot longs measured up. And, evidently, they didn't measure up as much as they said they did. I guess it came up an inch short. There are many other pictures of people measuring their subs, just to see if they are, in fact getting 12 inches. And if they aren't, they are getting angry about it. Some people are claiming false advertisement, some say they are being ripped off, some are saying that Subway owes them and some, like two men in New Jersey, are taking it to the courts.

According to an article I read on yahoo, two men from NJ are suing Subway and trying to make a class action lawsuit out of it.

REALLY? Over an inch?!

This really makes me roll my eyes and just shake my head, because, in my opinion, it's NOT that big of a deal. So it's not exactly 12 inches.....big deal, the sandwich is still tasty and filling. I'm sure that missing inch isn't going to cause you to go hungry. It wouldn't have made that big of a difference, I assure you.

My way of thinking about it is like this...if you cut open bread and fill it with stuff, then cut it in half, you might lose some length...not sure if it's true or not, but still. And things DO go wrong during baking that no one has any control over. So to make a big deal like this just seems petty and ridiculous to me.

Subway has released a statement that basically just said that the term footlong is just a description. They can't guarantee that it will be 12 inches every time.

That makes sense to me.

I don't know, I just don't think this is something to get all upset over. What's next? Will the start measuring 1/4 pounders from McDonalds? Will they start weighing other foods or measuring them? 

People are so sue happy these days and it's kind of sickening. Chasing that almighty dollar.....puhlease! This blogger thinks these men that are suing needs to grow up and not stress so much over 1 inch. I'm sure their wives didn't get all up in arms over a 1 inch lie..........



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    1. Here's a catch line for ya! "Not quite measuring up in the pants? Tell us how much you lack and we'll make it up in a sandwich!" lol

  2. These guys got so much publicity because of the 11" thing. You'd think they'd want people to say they are bigger than they really are. Unfortunately, it's their inflated egos.

  3. So many better things to spend your efforts on. D U M B dudes. Wonder if Wendy's sea salt fries is actually salt from the sea? Maybe they are fooling us! Off to investigate.......puhleasee.

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  5. This is funny! And so true. Who really gives a crap about an inch. Where do people get all the extra time to pursue things like this. I guess the old saying If you give an inch, they take a mile is true!"
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  6. Really an inch? I'm thinking there are some people who have too much time on their hands with a lawsuit over this.

  7. they do weight the quarter-pounders at McDonald's - but the asterisk says it's the "pre-cooked weight of the meat"

    I don't think these guys are upset over the 1" at all - I think they decided this was a good "get rich quick" scheme. I hope the judge awards them they 1" sandwiches they have missed out on for EVERY receipt they can show where they bought a "footlong" sub. After all, you have to prove damages to GET compensated.


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