Thursday, February 21, 2013

Babies Don't Keep

It never fails...this poem always, ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes. It is so very, very true.

I'm a little emotional today....I blame PMS and a lack of chocolate. But this poem has been on my mind since yesterday and I just had to share it with you all.

Yesterday, we took Cailin to sign up for preschool this August. In my area, it's a first come, first serve basis and yesterday was the first sign ups. They evaluated her and determined she will need speech, but that she was really smart and knew things that most kids don't learn until Kindergarten, so I guess I was doing something right in teaching her.

It just amazes me sometimes that I don't have babies anymore. My kids are growing up and it seems like it's going faster than ever. I want to just grab them and say "SLOW DOWN!" I know that won't do any good, but it's what I want to do nonetheless.

Sebastian as a baby

Sebastian as a 9 year old

Anastasia as a baby
Anastasia as a 9 year old

Cailin as a baby
Cailin as a 3 year old

Sometimes, I get little reminders that I'm truly blessed to be able to raise such amazing people. They aren't perfect, but they are mine. And I get reminded, daily, that they are growing up so much and that, with each day, they are growing more and more independent. I think about what my mom says about my brother and I....I'm going to be 31 this year, he will be 24. She hates My Dad feels the same way about me and my sisters (technically, we are step sisters). One will be 28, the other will be 23 (My birthday is 12/10. The one that will be 28 has her birthday on 12/9 and the youngest one and I share a birthday. Plus they have 4 grandkids to buy for for Christmas....needless to say, my Dad hates December! lol). They've always said it was hard to watch their kids grow up, but I never really took that to heart until I had kids of my own.

I'm coping pretty well with my baby going to school on Monday. I am a little nervous about it, but once I get use to it, I'll enjoy being able to clean without her underfoot, go grocery shopping or to the gym or even to the bathroom. And it will be good for her too, because she'll just blow them away with her smarts. I bought her a couple of work books so that she can have "homework" like her brother and sister.

My plan is to use the rest of this school year to do some soul searching and figure out who I am...focus on me while the kids are off getting their learnin' on. I need to get Sarah right.

So here's to a fresh start and a daily reminder that no, babies really DON'T keep.
Me, at age 4ish


  1. Why is it that everything you write about makes me all teary eyed? I just love reading you blogs , they touch my heart in away nothing ever has....Love you


  2. Oh! That poem makes me teary too! My baby boy is 8 months old & I'm already panicking about pre-k!! Good luck, you have a beautiful bunch of babies!!


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