Friday, February 15, 2013

Fly on the Wall (And In The Gym Bag)

Tis that time of month again.

No.....not that THAT time....this one is good. It's Fly On The Wall day! Yes ma'am (and sir), it's time for you to get a peek into my house and, this month, daily life. So sit back (but please put that fly swatter down), grab you a cup of your favorite drink and grab a peek into my life.

♥ Cailin is on a never ending discovery of her body...and the body of others. So recently, she's discovered her nipples and, at first, was terrified of them. When I explained to her that EVERYONE had nipples, she calmed down, but then wanted to see all of ours. kiddo! A few days later, I'd assumed she'd forgotten about them......then I heard Sebastian, who is 8, shouting for me. Cailin had climbed on his stomach (he was laying in his bed) and was sitting on him, trying to lift his shirt while screaming like a mad woman "LET ME SEE YOU NIPTLES!!!!!" Oh boy......

♥ I'm a woman.....and I, like many women, like to get things for free. So one day, I got something from Tampax and Always. It was a cute little bag that held samples of tampons and pads. Awesome! I looked through everything, then put the bag down on this tote we'd had out here with Christmas stuff in it.
I was cooking dinner when I hear Anastasia (8) say "Mom....I want some of this popcorn!". I turn around and look and she's holding a pad against her head, shaking it, trying to hear the "popcorn" that was inside. I busted out laughing (and came real close to peeing my pants) and told her that that wasn't was a pad.
She dropped it and let out a EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

♥For Christmas, Sebastian got a new DS and a bunch of games. BEST GIFT EVER. We literally don't see the kid unless he comes out of his room to tell us that he's beat a character or something. It got even better when he get his PS3 and games. Now we NEVER see him. They have a dance tonight at school and he doesn't want to go because he'd rather play video games. It's pretty awesome, but trying to get the kid out of the house to play is hard work.

There's my boy (and mess floor)
How he was dressing to impress
♥Speaking of Sebastian, he had his first taste heartache recently. I'd noticed he'd started taking more care in how he dressed and looked for school. I finally asked him and got out of him that he had a crush on a little girl. I told him to go for it.
He did.
Never take mom's advice again, because she friendzoned the kid. He was heartbroken, but a quick session with his PS3 and a basketball game seemed to help. Now he's back to looking like himself, which it fine by me.

♥ Another one about Sebastian. He's in love with Black Widow from the Avengers, just like Matthew. So imagine the competition when Matthew bought himself a Black Widow cup and didn't get one for Sebastian. I thought there would be bloodshed. So, we bought Sebastian his own. 
After dinner one night, he was drinking his juice and started giggling (yes, giggling). I asked him what was so funny when he turned around and said "Look Mom! My thumb is on Black Widows boobs!!!!"
*face palm*

♥Cailin had a booger. It was pretty big, but SHE had to pick it out because no blowing in the world was going to dislodge that sucker.
Like, she lost her MIND in a freak out over this thing. I was a little concerned that something else was wrong.
When she finally got the booger out, holy crap, dude! She started slinging her hand to get it was hilarious!

♥ I've taken up Zumba.
While that should be a "nuff said" kind of thing, it's not, because you need the visual. I'm a big girl and I have the grace and rhythm of a hippo. And the instructor likes to do these steps that have me tripping over myself and looking not the least little bit graceful. 
But hey, at least I'm Zumba-ing.

♥We recently bought a new-to-us van. LOVE IT! It's a Kia Sedona and it's really nice. It's the nicest vehicle I've ever owned. Getting it, though, was quite the challenge.
Matthew was off on Tuesday, so we set out to car shop. The first place we went to was run by dishonest people. We were going to buy a fully loaded van and they suddenly jacked the price of it up on us by $2,000. No sir.
After visiting several other dealerships, I was ready to give up. We went to one more and got this bad boy. I'm happy with it.....who am I kidding, I am ECSTATIC with it!

♥Anastasia  has a little boyfriend. Okay, so I don't know if he's little or not, but he IS older (she's 8, he's 11) and he IS in 4th grade (she's in 3rd). Apparently, he is the love of her life. *rolls eyes* She has his phone number, but she's too scared to call him. It's really kind of cute. They are attending the Sweetheart Dance together tonight.

That's all I have for this month's edition of To Be A Fly On The Wall. Won't you be so kind and buzz around to all my other fly friends and see what's happening in their neck of the woods. I promise, none of us will land on your food and dance with our poopy little legs!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


  1. Love all of it, but still stuck giggling over the nipples and the popcorn. Yikes, the things you have to try to explain to kids!

    1. Tell me about it. It's never dull around here, that's for sure. lol

  2. Way to go on the Zumba! It always did look like fun....

    1. Looks can be deceiving. I thought, meh, it's dancing, how hard can it be? It kicks your butt, that's for sure, but it is fun....

  3. I'm with karen ... the nipples and popcorn are in my head still. congrats on the new van!
    How exciting...

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. That's hysterical about the nipples. But I gotta ask--do you like the Zumba classes? I start next month with my older daughter and I'm nervous as hell that I'm going to be the dinosaur with the 2 left feet in the class!

    1. I do like the Zumba classes. It's fun and there are a few older ladies, so it doesn't make ME feel bad when I don't get all in to it like the skinnies do. lol. I think you'd love it.

  5. What is it with kids and niptles!? Congrats on the new car, that's awesome? I think it is fair to blame your daughter now for craving popcorn every time you get your period from here on out :)

    1. I already did.....popcorn with M&M's! lol

  6. What is it with kids and nips? I have a 16 month old that like to poke hers in public... or mine.... :(

    1. Oh yea, kids are all about the public

  7. ROFLOL!! My youngest son was like that about nipples for the LONGEST time. He calls them peanuts. LOL
    YAY for the new van!!!!

    1. Kids are insane, man....I've said it before, I'll say it all my life. lol

  8. Hey if you ask nicely and someone won't show you their nipples, sit on them and yank up their shirt! Where there's a will there's a way!

  9. HA HA! Both of my kids went through the nipples phase. And think about it, the word nipples is totally fun to say! And the pads and popcorn... that is so funny! I love kids, they just make me smile...

  10. Cheers to starting Zumba! I hear it's a lot of fun. I think I heard that while downing a box of 70%off chocolate...:)

    I love the story about nipltes. I have to share it with my 19 year old daughter who was convinced at the age of four that they were called boob-dots!

    Your new-to-you car is awesome!

    I laughed at the "young love" stories; especially the ones that can be cured with video games. That sadly works with my husband too :(
    Great post!


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