Friday, February 8, 2013

What A Difference A Few Days Make!

Monday, I talked about how I was feeling like I was drowning in a sea of depression.

It's AMAZING how a few days can completely change things!!!

Tuesday, I went to story time at the library with Cailin, my sister and my niece. It was a lot of fun. The girls played and made crafts. I got to chitchat with my sister and catch up. It was good times. And getting out of the house did WONDERS for me. Wednesday, I straightened up the house and ran a couple of errands, nothing major, but I was still feeling great.

LAST NIGHT, changed something in me.

Last night, I ZUMBA'D! (I'm not sure if that's really word, but I now declare that it is!) Yesterday, the hubs and I treated my stepmom to lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Then we went to Goodwill and Wal-Mart to look around. I found out, via Twitter last week, that my sister did Zumba at a local church that has a rec center. I asked if I could tag along. She came and got me last night and I actually did it. I Zumba'd. 

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was an hour long class and I am REALLY out of shape! The first song had me panting and regretting my decision. It was tough! But I didn't stop...until my bladder demanded I do so. I only sat out one song, long enough to answer the call of my bladder. Then I got right back to it! 

Now, I have the grace of a hippo. This isn't something that I even TRY to deny. I have zero rhythm and there was a WHOLE lotta wiggle for my jiggle going on. But I pushed passed the pain and the feeling silly and I just did it.  

And I liked it.....a lot!

I'm actually looking FORWARD to going back next week! It will be a good time and I love the feeling I have this morning. Every single muscle in my body hurts and I love it! I'm getting my membership to the gym either today or Monday...not 100% sure, but I'm looking forward to killing it for a couple of hours at the gym. I plan to load my MP3 player up with some tunes and just go balls to the wall with it.

This morning, I woke up and made me a really filling breakfast of turkey bacon (3 slices), 1/2 cup of egg whites scrambled, 1 piece of Healthy Life toast (best bread EVER!), and coffee with my coffee creamer that I made on my own from Pinterest. It was all less than 200 calories!

I'm really looking forward to weighing in on Monday. I really feel like this time, things are different for me. I FINALLY have a workout buddy, in my sister. I told her last night that, if I can lose 50 by the middle of September (I only need to lose 42 more pounds to reach that goal!! That's 6lbs a month!), I'm going to do my first 5k with her! She just about flipped her lid with excitement over that. I told her that I'll still be working on getting in shape and to not expect me to be able to run the whole thing and she said that was totally fine. So that's my goal...that's my reward for losing 50 pounds...I'm going to do my first 5k. My reward for reaching my ULTIMATE goal of weighing 150 pounds will be doing the Color Me Rad 5k next year. 

I feel like I'm rising above this funk that I'm in. I HATE feeling like I do, but it is slowly starting to go away. I plan to go out, once a month, with my sister for a girls night out. I plan to spend more time with the kids, doing story time and movie time at the library, going to the park, doing projects, things like that. I'm going to start doing more with my husband. 

This is a new me...I'm starting to come out of my funk. And I absolutely love it!


  1. You should share that creamer recipe :)

  2. I can't wait to follow your journey and cheer you on! Found you via Thursday Linkin With The Ladies bloghop @ Dysfunction Junction. Now following you via all the various ways we can follow each other {I feel like a stalker!} Have a wonderfully BLESSED day!

    ~ Carrie

  3. I've gotta try Zumba. They have it at our gym. I need to get my butt off the couch and move!
    Hey - I hope you'll come on over and link up to the I Don't Like Mondays Blog Hop again this week!
    Loved having you there last week!


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