Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Days and Sick Kids

View from my porch
Monday, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out. I loved it, it was awesome.

Tuesday, it was rainy and just miserable. 

Tuesday started snowing.


Today is Wednesday and this is the view from my porch, looking out over the roof of the apartments below my house. School was closed today, for both the older two and the youngest....not that it matters if the youngest didn't have school or not, because she is sick.

It started yesterday, when she got up. I thought she might have felt warm, but when I took her temp, it was fine. She was kinda whiney, but when we were on our way to the school, she perked up. She did fine all day and when I went to pick her up, they said she'd had a low fever. As the night wore on, that low fever went up a little bit.
Even sick, the kid wants her picture taken

I'm hoping it's not the flu. My mommy instincts tell me it's not and I'm going with those. When she has the flu, she sleeps all day. She's not sleeping all day and she's pretty much acting like herself with the only difference being that she's just laying around now.

The other two are just thrilled to be home. They are both holed up in their rooms watching TV and playing video games. Even Anastasia was thrilled, because they evidently they had a big test and she wasn't thrilled about taking it. How bad can a 3rd grade test be?! should be illegal to be that damn hot!
We are a one vehicle family right now and I didn't want to get Cailin out in this weather, so I let Matthew take the van to work. First time since we've had it that I don't have it with me. He surprised last night with the new Red Dawn movie. It was actually pretty good. Plus, it has Chris Hemsworth in it, who is just yummy, and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta from The Hunger Games), who is also yummy, but was only 16 when they made that movie, so I think, LEGALLY, I can't say he was yummy in that (but he's TOTALLY legal I can! Lol). Plus, Josh Peck, who was the fat kid from Drake and Josh. Good for him for slimming down! He looked really good and was surprisingly a good actor.

So here I sit, bored and blogging, trying to get up the will to clean up my kitchen and living room and get some laundry done. I'm getting my workout done by getting up every 10 minutes to see what Cailin wants.

Who needs a gym when you have a sick preschooler? PFFTTT....... going to the gym to work on your legs is overrated anyways......(I kid, I kid).


  1. I feel ya on the 'one vehicle family', we too are with just one vehicle as our other broke down, it's rough sometimes.

    Praying your little girl gets to feeling better soon!

    Enjoy your 'snow day'!

  2. I live in the Chicago suburbs and it snowed an effing TON in the last 24 hours. At first we were all "Oh, how pretty!" and "Let's go shovel!" Now that we've alternated shoveling a total of SIX times, and the driveway is covered with at LEAST another 6 inches overnight, we're pretty much OVER the snow for 2013 ;)
    Come on Spring!

  3. I hope the sickness goes away soon! I'm very sorry you are still getting snow! Ugh! Hopefully spring is right around the corner!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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