Saturday, March 16, 2013

What An AWESOME Friday!


Okay, I figured Friday would be kinda boring because...well, let's face it, I'm not the most exciting person in the world. The hubs decided to play hooky from work, so we ran some errands and got Easter shopping done. 

We are friends with a local DJ (and convention promoter for Dead Winter Horror Convention and Geektopia Comic and Gaming Convention) and TNA Impact Wrestling had an event in the next town over and he was going to be interviewing one of the wrestlers.

And not just any wrestler....

Jeff Hardy from The Hardy Boys. The high flying dude from the late 90's/early 2000's WWE show.

Now, I'm not a huge wrestling fan. I'm not even really a fan, to be honest. But I have always liked The Hardy Boys and Jeff in particular. Maybe because he struck me as the weird one, I don't know. But when I was younger (and I'm beating my husband to the punch on this, because he may very well comment and let my secret out), my handle for just about everything was Jeff Hardy's Baby Girl. 

Yea...I was that enamored. lol

So when Brian (our DJ friend) told the world he was going to be interviewing Jeff, I was like OH HECK YEA and told the hubs I was gonna go....on the pretense of taking the Boy Child with me so HE, who is a wrestling fan, could meet a wrestler. I'm pretty sure he knew, though, that I was really going so that I could meet him. 

So, after we picked Lil Bit up from school and went and got the Boy Child and Girl Child from their school, we came home for a bit and got snacks and stuff, then made the long trek (read: about 2 miles) to the radio station where we perched ourselves outside, talked with friends, let the kids run all over the place and annoy two of the local cops with their fascination with all things police and waited for Jeff Hardy to arrive.

Boy and Girl Child and I with Jeff Hardy
When he did, he TOTALLY parked next to Miss K (that's my van) and we got to meet him first. For a wrestler, he had surprisingly soft hands and he was very soft spoken. He shook our hands, talked to me about how tired he was, and posed for a picture.

He went in, did his interview, then came back out and signed autographs for the kids. He was really awesome and I thank him for taking the time to meet a bunch of small town fans. He was really gracious and kind. And I would have LOVED to just sit down and talk about his AWESOME tattoos (So Jeff Hardy, if you read this, can we set something up? lol)

While he was doing his interview, we decided we were going to actually GO to the event. Tickets were $19 for the "bad" seats, which really weren't bad, because the arena isn't that big. So we dropped Lil Bit off at my Dad's and headed down to the show.

IT WAS SO FUN! The kids were absolutely LOVING it! You can see some of the pictures from it by visiting our Facebook page and seeing photo album The Momisodes Invades TNA Impact Wrestling. I took something like 96 pictures, so I won't bore you all and load them all.

In addition to that, I also came to a few decisions. I'm going to go to work part time at a fast food joint. Not idea, I know, but it's only temporary. I'm doing it so I can pay off a college I owe in Florida and do so by August. When August rolls around, I will be enrolling in school and working toward my Associates in Applied Science with a degree in Medical Assisting, Medical Administration and Billing and Coding. As long as it will allow me to, I will work part time and go to school full time until I graduate. I'm SO excited to finally settle on this.

In addition to that, I've also decided to go forward with publishing my children's book and turning it into a series of books. I'm not sure when it will hit, but it will first be available on Amazon and other things for digital download, then I'll slowly start publishing them in print. I also, thanks to my amazing husband, have a few ideas up my sleeve for the series.

Friday was a day for dreams to be realized, spoken and put into the world and the courage to follow these dreams was thrown at both myself and my husband. Big things are happening for our family and I can not WAIT to see them unfold. 

So stay tuned, world.....The Momisodes is about to blow up!

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