Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Like Jesus Does

"The way we treat others is the way we treat Jesus"

That was on the marquee outside of the church that houses my daughter's preschool. 

I am not a Christian. This isn't a secret. Nor is it that I believe the bible is 100% true (for the record, I think that it is a historical retelling of things, but, with any historical retelling, I do think that things were changed a bit to fit the views of the writer/writers. I think this with every historical retelling). HOWEVER, there is proof to back up the existence of Jesus and I choose to believe that he was an extraordinary man that did so much good for the people around him. Because of that, I strive to live my life as I imagine Jesus did. I try to be the best person I can be and do things for people to enrich their lives.

This message stuck with me because I think that we forget one simple rule that we were taught as children. The golden rule. Treat others the way you would treat yourself. We don't do that. Truthfully, we never really did. A snicker at a person's clothes. Ignoring someone who has asked for help. Laughing at the expense of another. These are things we are all guilty of doing, whether we realize it or not. Whether we admit it or not. 

I have been a big girl all my life and, in high school, I was picked on because of it. You expect things like this from children, but what you may NOT expect is things like this from a grown person. Recently, I was told to do the world a favor and kill myself, because I was contributing to the world hunger problem by shoving my fat face with food. This was said to me by a grown man. 

Who says that to a person? At what point in your mind do you think this is okay? I don't get it. 

We all need to strive to treat people the way that WE'D want to be treated. Little things matter more than you think they would. Hold a door open for someone. Stop to let someone pull out in front of you. Let someone in front of you in the check out that doesn't have a lot of items. There are so many things that you can do that will just make a person's day and yours too. Because doing good, feels good.

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