Saturday, April 13, 2013

Little Baby, Don't You Cry

Being a mother isn't easy. And if you say it is, you are a liar! 

As a mother, we have to deal with many near-heart attacks that most people don't even realize causes them. To a person without one, a kid falling down is just that...a kid falling down. To a mother, it's switching out of your street clothes and putting on your Super Mom outfit that turns you into a medical professional, even though on the inside, you are scared out of your mind.

I have 3 kids, so you can imagine the amounts of bumps, bruises, scraps and near misses I've had. Some are minor, some....not so much. Each of my kids have had some sort of accident that has landed us in the ER.

When he was 3, Sebastian fell in the bathroom and hit his face on the side of the tub. It was my fault and, 5 years later, I still deal with that mommy guilt, even though he FINALLY got his front teeth back last year. I was living in an apartment that didn't have a dryer, so I had to hang my laundry on the clothes line. I had him and Anastasia in the tub and it started to rain. I ran down stairs to get the laundry off the line and when I got back in, water was dripping from my kitchen ceiling. I went back up stairs and saw that they'd dumped most of the bath water on the floor. I was already aggravated and was just ready for them to go to bed, so I cleaned up the mess as best as I could. The floor was still a little wet. I got Sebastian out of the tub and wrapped him in a towel and told him not to move. As I turned to get Anastasia, I bumped into Sebastian and he lost his footing and slipped. Because his arms were wrapped in the towel, he had no way to catch himself. He hit his face on the side of the tub.....there was so much tooth had been knocked out, the other was twisted and he'd split his lip. I called my Dad, hysterical because of it. He came and got Anastasia while my sister drove Sebastian and I to the ER. He was fine no more than 30 minutes after it happened. ME, on the other hand.....I was a mess.  

Fast forward a few months to that fall. They are now 4. We are at my mother-in-law's house, housesetting while she's out of town. She has a chihuahua named Lulu that wasn't really familiar with the twins. We are sitting down to eat dinner and the dog starts chasing Anastasia. She's running from him when she catches her toe on the edge of the rug and trips. SOMEHOW (and to this day, I'm still not sure HOW) she hit her nose on the table. It IMMEDIATELY swelled up and starting bleeding and her eyes started to black. 4 year old has a broken nose (that's what I thought). We rush her to the town's hospital and spent about 3 hours just sitting in the waiting then, the swelling went down and she was up and running around. The following year, she fell out of her bed and cracked the side of her face on the corner of her night stand, so we rushed her to the hospital the next town over to make sure nothing was broken.

When Cailin was 1.5, she was in the kitchen with Matthew and I as we were preparing dinner. Admittedly, neither of us was paying attention to her. What we didn't realize is that she'd learned to climb up in the chairs. She managed to do so and somehow flipped the chair over, hitting her face on the floor. She got a HUGE knot on her head, so we rushed her to the hospital, fearing she may have a concussion. Evidently they didn't think that a toddler with a head injury was important, because 2 hours later, we wasn't even triaged. She was up and running and acting fine, so again, we just. 

The whole point of this was because yesterday, the kids were outside playing. I sent Cailin on ahead of me and as she was walking down our porch steps, she decided to jump down the remaining steps. I guess she missed a step or something, because all I heard was thud, thud, then a scream. I ran outside and down the steps as she's getting up. Her little nose was bleeding and she was crying. I helped her back in the house and she swiped at her nose, wiping away blood. This caused even more panic. She cried for about 5 minutes, then got over it as she cuddled up in my lap. I was worried she may have broken her nose, but I don't think she did now. She's all scrapped up and looks a little bad ass. But in that moment, I felt so helpless.....I hated it....
About an hour or so after the tumble
I don't think any of my kids look like all. But when I think to myself that I was nothing more than an incubator, they prove me wrong by giving me a glimpse of myself by running into something or falling down. They may not have gotten their looks for me, but they did get their clumsiness from me.

Not so sure that's a good thing.......

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  1. It's so true that a Mom feels the hurt long after the boo boo is gone. When my son had stitches between his eyes, after it was all over, I said to him "don't ever do this to Mommy again", LOL!


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