Monday, April 8, 2013

Perfection...Thy Name Ain't Mom!

There is so much truth in this picture that it's not even sort of funny.

My children were on spring break last week. The week before, my husband was on vacation. My house, the silence I'd grown accustom to in the short time Cailin as been in school, has not been around in two weeks.

There is simply not enough boxed wine for me to handle this.

In addition to it bring spring break, I've also had softball practice, a library visit, back to back park visits and grocery shopping. I've also somehow managed to completely avoid working out, eat food that I really shouldn't, and attempt to watch "The Hunger Games" with the youngest, only making it roughly 15 minutes into it.

I'm not going for Mother Of The Year award here. No, I'm pretty sure I won that when I bribed my 3 year old with money to get her to pick her toys up from the living room. I'm simply saying that I've some how survived Spring Break with a least a quarter of my sanity left.

I kept my house clean, how I'm not sure. I even managed to do (and put away) laundry, with only the slightest injury (a bruised hand from banging it on the dryer...the husband promptly informed me that this wasn't enough to get out of that job.....I'm currently seeking a Workman's Comp lawyer), burn two pans by turning on the wrong burner while cooking dinner and entertain a 3 year old that was lonely because her brother and sister spent a few days away.

Today, all but one child is back to school. He developed a little stomach bug last night. But I won't let that stop me from getting my house cleaned up, the laundry done and a work out in, all while trying to figure out something for dinner, as we have softball practice tonight. That really makes me happy I had the foresight to go grocery shopping yesterday.

After all, my freezer needed something other than vodka in it, right?

In a few short hours, I get to run around like a mad woman, picking kids up from school, drop two of the 3 kids off at my Dad's, take one of the kids to softball practice, pick the husband up from work, eat whatever I came up with for dinner, and manage to not lose my mind.

This is my life............
And I love it!

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  1. That's awesome that you love it ... that is important! Have fun going crazy mama!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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