Monday, April 1, 2013

Success and Random Thoughts

Last week, my husband was on vacation, so I wasn't around that much. This week, my kids are on Spring Break and, I SHOULD be around a little bit more, all though my days are getting busier because of a few things that have gone on.

First thing, however, is that I am still working on losing weight. So far, I'm stuck at around 16 pounds lost, but at least the scale isn't going back up. I've also been slacking, this I admit. But I'm getting back to it and hitting it like a boss. This month will also make 3 months that I haven't had soda to drink, so that's pretty awesome, right? 

Doesn't she look so cute?!
Anastasia started playing softball this past week. We'd signed both her and Sebastian up, but he decided at the last minute that he didn't want to play baseball so they are transferring the payment I made for him to Cailin so she can play weeball. Anastasia had her first practice on Friday and she LOVES IT. She'd never played before and picked it up pretty quickly. She took a ball to the chin, which bruised and she took it like a champ, no tears or anything. I'm really excited for her, because she seems to love it, which is great.

Spa basket $20+shipping
I've also started my own business. It's slow going right now, which it to be expected, but I may make my first sale this evening. I'm making custom gift baskets. The business is called 2 Girls, 1 Basket. I picked this name because Anastasia is kind of helping me with them. I'm going to put Sebastian to work coming up with a basket for little boys so he can contribute. I'm not wanting to get rich off it, but it would be nice to make a couple hundred a month!

That's pretty much all that's going on around here. Some personal successes that I can say I've accomplished. 

How have you been?

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  1. Seems to me as though you've had a LOT of personal successes. Hope you make that first sale!


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